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John Rutter: A Song in Season launched

Monday 27th September, 2010

Today sees the launch of a major new collection of new choral music by John Rutter, recorded by the Cambridge Singers and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under John’s direction.  ‘John Rutter: A Song in Season’ ranges across the church’s year, incorporating a rich treasure-trove of music for Christmas, Epiphany, Pentecost, Easter, and Harvest-time.  The first album of new anthems and canticles by John since his landmark 2002 recording of Mass of the Children, the disc features the following works:

Wells Jubilate
Look to the day
To every thing there is a season
Carol of the Magi
O Lord, thou has searched me out
Most glorious Lord of life
Look at the world
Veni Sancte Spiritus
Lord, thou hast been our refuge
I am with you always
The King of Blis
Winchester Te Deum

Purchase the CD from Collegium Records

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  1. Remi

    These songs are so beautiful, that I can cry. “Look to the Day” is for me so special. Mr. Rutter, thank you. If there is heaven, your music is there.

  2. Don Winstead

    I purchased “A Song in Season” on iTunes shortly after it was released. Unfortunately, it did not come with any sleeve notes. I am particularly interested in seeing the lyrics for “Lord, thou hast been our refuge” and “I am with you always.” How can I obtain a copy of the lyrics for these two songs — and for the rest of the songs on this album, as well?

  3. Andrew Mowat

    Looking forward to the Temple Church Come & Sing in October: would love to see “I am with you always” on the programme! Even if there are only 4 of us again, I guarantee the tenors will deliver it!

  4. cecil sevilla

    i have been playing LOOK AT THE DAY over and over…but it continously touches my heart. thanks SIR JOHN for your gift of music.

  5. Betty

    I, too, am looking for “This Is The Day The Lord Hath Made” to purchase for my own choir. Any idea when and who will carry it??? We are doing Candlelight Carol this Advent, having done All Things Bright & Beautiful this week. Love John Rutter compositions!

    • John

      it’s available from OUP and Hinshaw. See the ‘This is the day’ page – main item on the home page.
      Thanks, Matthew

  6. Sally

    Thank you for all of your beautiful music. I have preformed many of them with the choir that I was in for over 25 years. I have shared your music with my sister, who also loves it.


  7. Susan Smith

    Where can I buy the sheet music to “This is The Day That The Lord Hath Made” and “What Sweeter Music #10” by John Rutter? I would like the choir to sing them at my daughter’s wedding in August. They are both so beautiful.

  8. Laurel

    “This is the Day,” from the wedding just matched the ambiance of the cathedral, the happiness of the bride and groom, and the videographers shooting from way up high during the anthem brought goosebumps! I loved all the promises in the text. Can’t wait till it comes out in a recording. . .

  9. I really enjoyed the anthem “This is the day” premiered at the Royal Wedding. Will it be possible to buy copies for use with our own choirs? I contacted OUP and Hinshaw today, but neither had an answer about possible publication.


  10. Thank you, thank you! Just ordered my copy of “A Song in Season.” Found “Look to the Day” on a CD of new Oxford releases found in my “Choir and Organ” magazine and ordered the octavo it right away. It will be one of our Easter anthems this year; I can’t stop singing it. Thank you for the music…

  11. Brian Corr

    A website well worth waiting for with many Beautiful Hymns to follow. Needless to say I have purchased 2 copies of A Song In
    Season… Congratulations John

  12. Gary Hinkle

    John Rutter,
    “A Song in Season” is the Best choral cds out
    this year. And one of the Best discs in John Rutters
    Thank You for the Music…

  13. Paul stiff

    Thank you John for a preview of A Song In Season. Look to the day is superb, the disc is on my shopping list. (Congratulations on the website. )Sincere thanks for the wonderful music.
    God Bless.

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