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NEW RELEASE – The Gift of Life

Tuesday 13th October, 2015

A new CD from John Rutter

A new CD from John Rutter

John Rutter’s long-awaited new major work The Gift of Life is a six-movement choral celebration of the living earth, of creation, and of life itself, offering a kaleidoscope of moods from contemplative and prayerful to majestic and inspirational. Seven more recordings of recent pieces by John Rutter complete the disc.
Available to pre-order on Amazon, or visit

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  1. Bradly Baird

    Just listened to The Gift of Life for the first time. The sentiments and message expressed are meaningful and touch both my heart and mind. Thank you.

  2. Don Felio

    “The Gift of Life” is a wonderful and joyous masterpiece. And the rest of the CD as well. THANK YOU JOHN! It is so very uplifting. We recently heard portions of it on public radio in Denver on the way to church. When we got home we ordered a copy and plan to order some as gifts for friends.

  3. Hello John.
    Festival Celebration Choir of Albany, NY is going to perform Gift of Life on June 4, 2017. We think this is the premier performance for upstate New York. Is there a way to verify this?

  4. Ken Salvas

    John I often listen to your music in the Am that brings thoughts of peace and joy and a reminder of my relationship to those I love now and the ones I will meet in the future.

  5. Gary Hinkle

    John Rutter : To Me Is The Mozart or Beethoven
    Of Our Time ! I Have Never Heard Any Music
    Of His That Wasn’t Absolutely Brilliant.
    Thank You For The Music Maestro !

  6. Elna Hickson

    As an accompanist I have played many of John Rutter’s works. The Gift of Life is outstanding and I am privileged to be accompanying a Chorale who will be performing the entire work in May. Practicing is inspiring and spiritual. Thank you so much. Elna

  7. Jessy

    May I know the illustrationist of this CD cover? So nice!

    • John

      The cover image from the CD is called “Adam and Eve” and was designed by Charles Francis Annesley Voysey (1857 – 1941)

      Kind Regards

      Tracey Wright

  8. Jacob Galama

    The Christmas Night mass at the Utrecht cathedral was a wonderful celebration with the choir singing “of a rose “.
    Thank you for your beautiful music.

  9. Brion Battin Black

    Prior posting was met to say Gift of LIGHT

  10. Brion Battin Black

    Just now listening to “The Gift of Life”. It was released today and is being streamed on (Colorado Public Radio/classical a 24 hour all classical station.) It’s wonderful choral music!

  11. Selena Robson

    Dear Dr Rutter

    I hope you can help.

    My father was Peter Robson who I believe was at Clare College around the same time as you. Mum can’t quite remember but she seems to think he was friends with your brother?

    He passed away yesterday and we are trying to track down a recording he apparently made during his time at Clare with the choir, of carols.

    It may not be in print, or possible but I was wondering if it was something you knew about or could help with. Anything you can tell us would be greatly appreciated and bring comfort at this sad time

    Many thanks

    Selena Robson

  12. rosemarie chibi

    heard ‘the tree of life’ on WMHT and I, too, was blown away. immediately ordered ‘gift of life.’ can’t wait for it to arrive. ethereal is how it feels to me.

    • Hello Rosemary.
      Festival Celebration Choir will perform Gift of Life on June 4, 2017 at First Lutheran Church. Hope you can attend.

      Don Drew

  13. Sylvia Marsh

    I recently attended a workshop in Worcester and was moved when we sang ‘A flower remembered’. I played it at a meeting in church and someone used it at their mother’s funeral. It is now apparently on the Wesley Media site for use at crematoriums. Hope that means you get performing rights.

  14. Barbara resler weeks

    only today learned that John rutter is still composing meaningful inspiring music.

  15. This has just arrived – utterly blown away by the beautiful ‘The quest’ in memory of John Hughes – it is some time since I’ve been so moved.

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