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Video Preview: John Rutter – This is the Day

Wednesday 4th April, 2012

Here is a preview of our major new release – available from 28th April 2012 – coming out in celebration of the first wedding anniversary of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

YouTube Preview Image
This new album recollects and celebrates some of the choral music heard on royal occasions during the lifetime of HM Queen Elizabeth II.  The music chosen reflects the personal choices and commissions by the Royal Family for weddings, funerals and anniversaries.
Featuring John Rutter’s celebratory royal wedding anthem This is the Day, written for the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011.

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  1. Fred Haight

    Greetings. This is not a response to this piece, but to your overall work. I sang today, in your Requiem, and have a few points I wish to make. You have upset many of my fixed ideas, in a good way. 1. I am a former composition student, who grew disillusioned with arbitrary dissonance. I have been waiting for someone to demonstrate that tonality, as an evolving, rather than fixed language, with its logical relationships, could create beauty, that serialism could not. 2. I have enjoyed works by Whitacre, Mortensen, and others, but still felt them to be pale reflections of past.masters. While your music has not surpassed these great masters, neither does it pale in comparison. Congratulations. 3. I am a Canadian, who spent 30 years in the U.S., and prefer the Republic, over a monarchy. I never expected what I had been waiting for, to come from what I considered antiquated institutions , but it did. 4. I hear, in mm 28-41 of your Lux Aeterna, a loving condensed quote of mm 59-83 o of the 7th mov’t of Brahms’ German Requiem. Is this conscious, or one of the things our minds do pre-conciously?

  2. Is there a “contact” link on this website? can’t find one. Not wanting to join the discussion, just looking for an email to make an inquiry. Any help is appreciated.

  3. Roseli Wedemann

    Dear Mr. Rutter,

    I have sung for many years in a choir in Rio de Janeiro Brazil called Canto em Canto. Our conductor, Prof. Elza Lakszchevitz much cherished your work and I learned about it from her. I have many of your CDs conducting the Cambridge Singers, which are among my favorite music albums. I am a computational scientist and I am now spending one year at Imperial College London, on sabbatical leave from my university in Rio, where I am a professor. I would immensely enjoy being able to attend a concert with the Cambridge Singers, conducted by you, but I have not found any information regarding one such concert on the internet. I will be in London until September 2013 and would much appreciate any information regarding these concerts in the surrounding cities. I just attended the concert at the Royal Albert Hall yesterday, which was however with another choir.

    best wishes,

  4. Ruth Miller

    I am moved always by your music. I have every one and cannot imagine a Christmas without it. It is difficult to describe how it soothes the soul and makes the spirit soar.
    My husband and I are planning a trip to England next spring. I realize it is early but is there any chance a schedule of where you might be playing availble.
    Thank you for sharing your gift.

  5. Cherylee Lisonbee

    I am honored to be able to leave a message for you Mr. Rutter. I was introduced to your music singing in community chorals, as my High School years were “pre-Rutter”. Without exception, every piece I have had the privilege of singing, or listening to has moved me spiritually. Whenever I need peace in my heart and soul, I find one of your CDs. Always, in the first measure, peace and gratitude comes.

    THANK YOU! And I must note, I am jealous of the Brits who get to gather for a day and sing under your direction. My dream! Perhaps someday you will come here to the US so we can have that experience.

    God Bless.

  6. Dan Krynak

    I had the pleasure of performing under your direction at Carnegie Hall in 1993 with “The Turtle Creek Chorale” and others. I was at that time the Director of “The Harrisburg Men’s Chorus”. Your inspirations have touched the lives of hundreds of people I have had the pleasure of directing. Thank you for another spectacular piece of music. Dan

  7. Morna

    Is there an arrangement of This is The Day just for female voices?

  8. kathleen moffatt

    I just met you at Christ Church in Greenville DE… I have been loving your music for a decade! I teach in Canterbury in Springtime. I am a Franciscan.
    I woiuld like your permission to use just the words of “This IS the Day” for a psalm response for my niece’s Wedding in August.

    May I have that? Thank you
    I will give all information as well as place to order the CD

    • John

      The text of this is the day is a collection of the Psalms, and can therefore be used without permission.

  9. Sarah Knott

    My heart sings, smiles and melts when I hear John’s work. He is absolutely right when he says that music interprets emotions when words cannot. Bliss! Thank you John, you have given me hours and hours of joy with your music.

  10. Angela M. Libby

    My earliest experience was in choral music with John Rutter as the composer. Rich Rich Rich

  11. Tang Sai Kin

    This is a good anthem. I want to preform this anthem in service. I can buy this vocal score, but I don’t know how to buy full score and instrument score.

  12. I have been a classical musician, classical listener and royal watcher since I was a young girl. John Rutter is a choral afficianado who made British Choral Music what it is today. I love his anthems, his requiems, everything he does. “This is the Day” for the royal wedding or William and Kate was absolutely magnificent. I knew who wrote the piece before it was announced. John Rutter has a particular sound and it cannot go unnoticed.

  13. Dr. Curt Schmidt

    I hope you will put at least one complete piece on — it’s easier for us to refer friends to the CD, if there’s a cut they can watch. The singers are amazing, and it’s wonderful when you give their names so we can follow their illustrious careers. For example, several of the singers on ‘A Song in Season’ are also members of Stile Antico — all showing what a richness of choral music the U.K. is blessed with. Can’t wait to get this new release.

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