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Welcome to the new John Rutter website

Monday 27th September, 2010

Welcome to the new official John Rutter site, bringing together information about John’s music, recordings, and live appearances.  We hope you’ll find it a useful resource!

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  1. Maria Nunez

    Woke up to most beautiful sound ever.How can I track down what sounded like”Lullaby for Anna Lynn”? ( harp also used).

    • John

      Hi Maria – the piece you are looking for is called ‘Lullaby for Ana Gwen’ and comes from a recording called ‘Blessing’ with Catrin Finch on the harp. It’s a Deutsche Grammophon recording 479 0497
      Regards, Emma Harrison, PA to John Rutter

  2. What’s up it’s me, I am also visiting this website regularly, this web page
    is really good and the visitors are truly sharing nice thoughts.

  3. Patricia Smith (The Smith Ensemble)

    We recorded John Rutter’s “Look at the World” and have made a video with our family that we would like to share on social media for Thanksgiving. I have contacted copycat publishing, who is out of the office until Monday 11/13/17. Is that the only company that I can get the license from or can you please help me get the license so we can share it? Please let me know. Thanks much, Patricia Smith

  4. Maikel Sanger

    Dear John Rutter, my name is Maikel Sanger from Indonesia. I’m a student of Doctoral Degree and am working on my proposal for dissertation which focuses on the relationship between language and music in Indonesian popular sacred songs. It would be great if you could share your knowledge as well as your experience to me. I need your email, if you don’t mind, so that I can keep in touch with you.

  5. Bonnie Kamel, RMT-BC

    To John, I am going thru a very stress period in my life, and your CD with Caitlin Finch is so soothing and relaxing. I just want to thank you for it. As a music therapist, I use music a lot in my life and this CD is so helpful. Again, thank you.

  6. Dr. Solomon Chi

    Hi John: This is Solomon, how are you : ) ? We contacted you about 3 years ago to buy license of “For the Beauty of the Earth” and translate into Chinese lyrics. This time, we need your beautiful song “All Bells in Paradise”. It’s for a Taiwanese church and we will translate the lyrics into Chinese. Same as last time, we will print 60 copies by ourselves with the Chinese lyrics. To respect your copyright, we will pay you the license fee. Please advise how much it will be, and the way we can pay you. Thank you very much!

  7. Claire Robinson

    Dear Mr. Rutter

    I am a student at Southern Utah University preparing for my degree recital in April. I have loved singing your SATB arrangement of Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind. I was hoping you might have an SA or SSA arrangement as I am hoping to do it as a duet with one of my peers. I have loved singing your other works and am an avid admirer of your music.

    With love,
    Claire Robinson

  8. Alan Galante

    Dear John

    I’m trying to get hold of your Beatles’ Concerto. I’m able to locate CDs and digital versions of Movements 1-3. I’m not sure how to get hold of the 6 extra tracks listed under B side – see below. Are you able to enlighten me?

    Best regards
    Alan Galante

    A Side[edit]
    1st Movement: Mæstoso – Allegro Moderato (She Loves You – Eleanor Rigby – Yesterday – All My Loving – Hey Jude) 8:00
    2nd Movement: Andante Espressivo (Here, There and Everywhere – Something) 7:36
    3rd Movement: Presto (Can’t Buy Me Love – The Long and Winding Road) 7:53
    B Side[edit]
    The Fool on the Hill (Arr. Rutter) 5:09
    Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (Arr. Goodwin) 2:25
    Michelle (Arr. Goodwin) 3:15
    Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (Arr. Goodwin) 2:37
    Here Comes the Sun (Arr. Rutter) 3:25
    A Hard Day’s Night (Arr. Rutter) 4:08[3]

  9. Valery

    Dear John,

    I want buy your the Suite Lyrique for Harp — Full score (only in PDF)
    Tell me please,
    Where I can buy it (pdf)?

    Best wishes,
    Valery Yevona

    • John

      Dear Valery, Unfortunately this is not available as a PDF – you can purchase the printed score from the OUP website.
      Kind Regards, Tracey Wright

  10. Ed

    Dear John Rutter
    Your friend (my father-in-law), Dr. W. Howard Coble, High Point, NC has been very sick the last month. If you would like more information or to send him an encouraging note please email me. I stumbled onto this comment page looking for some of your music for him. Anyway that is all I will say now. Take care.

  11. I was curious if you ever considered changing the structure of your site?
    Its very well written; I love what youve
    got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of
    content so people could connect with it better.
    Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or 2 images.
    Maybe you could space it out better?

  12. Stacie


    I love Nativity Carol. However, I am confused with the meaning and pronunciation of “aye” in the text. What does the “Christ is born for aye” mean in Nativity Carol? What is the pronunciation? Thank you so much for your help.

    • John

      Dear Stacie –
      The pronunciation of “aye” rhymes with hay/day etc. Aye means: for sure.
      I hope that helps.
      Best wishes, Emma Harrison

      • Stacie

        Dear Emma,

        Thank you so much for your reply!! It really helps!!


  13. Damantoro

    Dear Mr Rutter,

    I am now watching a music performance playing your beautifull performance as the final piece of the show.

    It is very beautiful and deeply touching my heart as if i can feel the spirit that you want to convey trough your music

    They are
    1. A Roving that quite familiar to me cause it sound like our flocklor music from borneo ampar ampar pisang
    2. I have boarneg trimmed with blue whic is so soft and tender
    3. O waly waly
    4. Dashing away

    Thank you for your beautiful sound of art


  14. Helen Lees

    I am a member of Trinity Church in Atherstone in a small Town in Warwickshire. We do not have a choir but we like to have a service based on the Taize style once or twice a year ( we are not a large congregation but have an enthusiastic membership). We would like to have a service based on the music of John Rutter . Can you please help us to achieve this.

  15. Lena Pumber

    We recently lost our beloved mother, Ella Pumber, to cancer in her 99th year. Our home has always been filled with our faith in God and with music and singing. After her death, on Dec 31st, 2016, my grief has been profound. I was invited to sing at some rehearsals of your Requiem, in Texas, by my sister, and found something deep inside of me respond to the beautiful choices of text, both Latin and English, and the exquisite progression of primordial grief to hope in God. It has brought comfort to my aching soul. Thank you for sharing this work with the world.

    Sincerely, Lena Pumber

  16. Ilva Hertzler

    I sing with the Delaware Choral Society in Dover DE USA. We are performing the Mass for the Chirldren. It’s a small group of singers that’s been performing various works since the early 60’s. What was going on in your heart when you composed this piece? When I hear it.. I want to cry. And I don’t know if I’m going to be able to sing it for the same reason.

    I don’t know if I’ll hear back from you, but at least I’ve expressed myself to you. We have a number of your compositions in our collection of music. Thank you.

  17. Stacey Bosveld

    Dear Mr. Rutter,

    I am a accompanist/pianist that has agreed to play the organ part for the ensemble version of your Requiem. I just received the rental part today and I see your composer note says registrations should offer unobtrusive support. However, I am not terribly confident in making registration choices. Are there specific suggestions anywhere for registration?

    Thank you for any help you can offer!

    • Kevin Page

      Dear Mr Rutter,
      This is a complete shot in the dark but my brother (Neil Page) is a church organist and choirmaster and has been for some 40 years or so. Anyway, it’s his 60th Birthday coming up in April and I’m compiling a secret DVD with messages, organ & choral music from many of the churches and cathedrals that he’s been associated with over the years. As a pièce de résistance, I wondered if you could send me a piece of choral music with a short recorded Birthday message? I appreciate you are an incredibly busy man but thought I’d give it a go! Thanks in advance

  18. J van Gent

    Dear Mr Rutter,

    I am not a religious man, but your music has moved me so many times. On many occasions it has brought tears to my eyes.

    I would like to thank you so much for your beautiful music. I hope visit one of your concerts soon.

    Warm regards from the Netherlands.

    J. van Gent

  19. Wanyinna

    Dear Mr John Rutter,

    I’m so much in love with the Candlelight Carol so i did a Solo performance of the song. Please watch at I will be glad to have your review.

    If i have your permission, i would like to have this song included in a collection of Chistmas songs that would be done at a later time.

    Warm Regards,,


    • John

      Dear Wanyinna –
      Thank you for your message.
      Please contact Oxford University Press for permission to include the song in a collection. Try this email address:
      Many thanks, Emma Harrison

  20. Terry Thomas

    Hello, Dr. Rutter. My name is Terry Thomas and I direct the chorus at Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando, FL. My chorus sang FOR THE BEAUTY OF THE EARTH a couple of years ago and enjoyed it immensely. We would like to use it as one of our adjudicated pieces for the Florida Vocal Association in February. However, my group is small and I would like to perform it as an SAB piece. Have you ever arranged it for that voicing before? The rules are very strict and I fear that any editing I do to make it SAB will be met with disqualification. I look forward to your reply, and thanks in advance for your time.

  21. Cuny van der Hoeven

    Dear M. Rutter,

    Listening to the beautiful music you have compose I strongly feel the urge to thank you for it. I feel deeply touched.

    Yours truly, Cuny van der Hoeven from The Netherlands

  22. Dear Mr. John Rutter,
    I am writing you on behalf Ms Katica Illényi
    ( ) who just finished now her new ‘Theremin Christmas’ album.
    She recorded your wonderful composition Candlelight Carol, too. I think it’s the first Candlelight Carol recording by theremin.
    Ms Katica Illényi would like to send a complementary album to Maestro.
    Please let me know the address where we could send it.
    your sincerely,
    Gabor Kisszabo

    • John

      Dear Gabor,
      Many thanks for your message, you can send any correspondence to John Rutter at Collegium Records, PO Box 664, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE29 9HX.

      Kind Regards, Tracey Wright

  23. gunnel hällqvist

    I like the song: “The coming of the king” very much and now I wonder if there is scores for orchestra to buy somewere

  24. Taeyoung Kim

    Dear Maestro John Rutter,

    Hello. My name is Taeyoung Kim, a choral conductor in South Korea. I have an important invitation for you as a guest conductor to Wonju Civic Choir, professional choir in South Korea in 2017 season. In order to give more information detail, can I ask you your personal/agency email address?

    Thank you.


    Taeyoung Kim
    +82 10-5124-9995

  25. Byron Hodges

    Dear Mr Rutter,
    I am 77. When I was in highschool I sang in the chior. Of course your music wasn’t around then. I wish I could go back to that experience and sing your music. My voice is gone now. You and your music save me from saying that there are no creative people in these times. Thank you so much.

  26. Christian Stokowski

    Dear Mr. Rutter,
    with my choir (Germany!) we performe “Christmas Lullaby” and “Angels Carol”, now we practice “For The Beauty”.
    Our problem is that we havn’t any regular pianist or ensemble which can accompany us – I have to sing the bass and to conduct at the same time.
    I think other choirs have the same problem.
    The only possibility is the website where you can buy piano accompaniments from your pieces. Yes, they are nice but I love the orchestral accompaniment from your records.

    Have you ever thought about releasing a CD with orchestral accommpaiments of the best selling songs (or to sell it as MP3-Download in internet), perhaps £10-15 per track. (After all, there are all orchestral tracks from the master band, they don’t have to be produced extra.)
    I think, many little choirs would be happy about this and they would pay for it. It would make the praise of God greater.

    Because of this absence I made an own version with my computer (midi) and a special software, wich sounds like an orchestra. It is the best I can get. Here is a track with with cut-outs of my “work” – but you see it’s really just makeshift:
    It would be very friendly if you would think about this proposal.

    Sincerely yours,

    • Hello!

      I have the same need. I am to sing “Candlelight Carol” as a soprano solo for a church Christmas event this year, and I cannot find a track to sing with. The two I have found are not optimal, and I would very much prefer orchestral accompaniment. I am used to paying for accompaniment tracks to sing with and would be willing to pay for this as well.

      Thank you!
      Chelsea Jackman
      Indiana, United States

      • John

        Dear Chelsea –
        Thank you for your message. I’m sorry, but there are no orchestral backing tracks available for Candlelight Carol.
        Kind regards, Emma Harrison

  27. Dear Dr John Rutter CBE:

    I have an invitation for you.

    Is it possible to let me know you e-mail address, please?

    Yours sincerely

    Chairman-Secretary & Trustee
    The Norfolk Youth Music Trust
    4 Church Close
    NR10 5ER

    Tel. 01603-279742


    Founded in October 1977 as Music at Saint George’s

    A Registered Charity (Number 1043945) whose Trustees are Ivor R.Hosgood MBE; Jonathan Wortley MA(Cantab); and Mrs Jennifer F.Hosgood MA.

    ©The Norfolk Youth Music Trust 2016

  28. Diane McAffee Smith

    I heard Suite Lyrique with the harp for the first time today. I am totally enchanted and would love to have a piano arrangement. Is one available?

  29. Hello,
    I am looking purchase/rent the orchestral score and parts for the beautiful arrangement of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, as heard on the Christmas Festival Cd. Many thanks in advance.
    Elena Sharkova, San Jose, California

  30. Yun Seok Lee

    Dear Mr. John Rutter,

    Hello, I am a classical saxophonist Yun Seok Lee who is a big fan of your music.
    Currently performing and teaching in South Korea, I studied classic and Jazz saxophone at Mannes College in NYC, and Berklee College of Music in Boston.
    After getting to know of your Suite Antique from a Flutist’s album, I became deeply interested in recording them for my first CD.

    That’s why I am writing this email to know more of the copyright. If you can give me your email, or send me an email to , I would like to send my profile and sample recordings.
    Again, I deeply appreciate for you beautiful music and would like to receive your answer.

    Sincerely yours,

    Yun Seok Lee

  31. Luis Rodriguez

    Dear John Rutter,

    I am Luis Rodriguez (violinist).
    Last December, I played your Suite Lyrique at Palau de la Musica de Catalunya, in Barcelona. It was a very good experience to play with you and we all enjoyed a lot.
    I have a piano duo, currently studying a master at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and we would like to play your music in our studies.
    We have been thinking in the Suite Antique. Do you have any arrangement for violin and piano? Or another piece for the same instruments?

    Thank you very much,
    Best wishes

  32. Janet Collins

    Hello! I run a small community choir of mostly over 70s and we have tried The Lord Bless You and Keep You but the final high notes are just too high! Is it available in a lower key (say D Major). Many thanks. We also perform Colours of Christmas and Christmas Lullaby and love them!

  33. Hello – we are performing your “Creation’s Alleluia” this coming year. The vocal score says choir and organ. However, I’ve heard it with orchestra. Sre the score and instrumental parts available for rent? If so, can you direct me to the proper contact?

    Thank you.

  34. Chris Sprague

    Does anyone know if there is a piano/organ reduction for either
    ‘Agnus Dei’ or ‘Out of The Dee’p from John Rutter’s Requiem.
    I have been asked to play this at a dear friend’s funeral. I have searched the web but cannot see anything that fits the bill.
    Thank you.

  35. anu ovigwe

    Mr. Rutter I love your work on now thank we all our God please can you send it to my email the SATB and Organ alone.sending from Nigeria Africa. Thanks

  36. John Howard

    I am looking for the arrangement for solo voice and orchestra of “I wonder as i wander” that Alfie Boe sang in 2012 at his concert with the Mormon Tabernacle. I would be most grateful to get info on this. I would like to do it this coming December at my Church Chirstmas concert.

  37. Kathryn Ubl

    I want to use a recording of John Rutter’s called “A Mighty Fortress is our God.”

    I tried contacting but that contact is not longer available.

    Thank you

    • John

      Dear Kathryn – I think you may be using an underscore instead of a full stop – try Kind Regards, Tracey Wright

  38. Dear John, I’m pleased to have been invited to be the violin soloist in a concert on July 3rd in The Great Hall at Dartington with the Exeter Festival Chorus conducted by Nigel Perrin in Tucapsky ‘Seven Sorrows’ for violin and choir. I suggested we might also perform ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’ from your Requiem with the oboe solo on violin and just wanted to check this is ok with you? Sir David Willcocks was the Patron of EFC – I so enjoyed the memorial concert for him at King’s College Chapel on St Cecilia’s Day and your eloquent tribute.
    Best wishes, Madeleine

  39. Cameron Pieper

    Hello Mr. Rutter,

    My name is Cameron Pieper and I am a masters student at Manhattan School of Music studying with Solomon Mikowsky in piano performance. I worked with the librarians at MSM trying to find a piece of yours, the Beatles Concerto, but to no avail. My brother, a pianist as well, and I are looking to perform the concerto in Wisconsin with an orchestra. It would be greatly appreciated if you would be able to steer us in the direction of a perusal copy or of the piano score. From what I have gathered the piece was labeled an arrangement, so the rights would be with whoever owns the rights to the Beatles music, but if there was a way to still get a performance I think it would be fantastic. Any help would be amazing.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Cameron Pieper

    • John

      Dear Cameron – thanks for getting in touch.
      We receive a number of enquiries about the beatles Concerto, and sadly it’s not published or available for performance. John was commissioned to write it, back in the 1970s, by the two-piano team Rostal and Schafer, who wanted it for their exclusive performance. Sorry not to be of any more help!
      Kind regards, Emma Harrison

  40. Marty Wallace

    Mr. Rutter/Ms. Harrison: I am a member of a small, community men’s glee club in upstate NY, US, and we are searching for new music to purchase for our upcoming shows. I am interested to know what Christmas and other music of yours is available in TTBB arrangements. Thanks very much for your wonderful music!

  41. John Wadsworth

    As a young man, I was introduced to your music through a high school choir teacher in 1990. After high school, I listened to your music as I studied my way through college and graduate school. Today, your music is often heard in our home on Sundays as my wife and children set aside the Sabbath for worship. When people enter my office at work, and hear music, it’s often your music playing in the background.

    Arriving early at work today, I found myself wrestling with a particularly interesting challenge. As I contemplated the work ahead of me, I instinctively reached for my favorites list, when Lux Aeterna came on. I was moved by the music. And in this inspired state, I could not help but think of Matthew 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Mr. Rutter, thank you for helping me better understand the meaning of this scripture. Because of your uplifting music, I found myself thanking God for your good works. They have touched my life. I am profoundly grateful for your music. Thank you for the wonderful gift of inspiration you have shared with the world.

  42. Susie Nyberg

    Looking for permission to use the song For the Beauty of the Earth for personal videos I want to make using my own photography. I only share them on facebook with my family and friends. Also would it be ok to add the words to the pictures, the words are so beautiful…………as is the music Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

  43. Wilma Gillis

    I am seeking a TTBB arrangement of the beautiful “The lord Bless You and Keep You”. Do you know of any?

  44. Mark

    The arrangement by John of “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” as recorded by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir shows a brass introduction featuring trumpets, trombones, horns, and tuba. Yet the music listed on Hinshaw (HMC1831A) does not list french horns. Is there an alternate arrangement that I’m missing?

  45. Richard D. Brasco

    Mr. Rutter,

    Is there an arrangement out of your ANGEL’S CAROL with wind ensemble accompaniment?

    R. Brasco

  46. Josie Cowley

    Hello! Does anyone know how I can contact John Rutter or his agent to see if I can arrange a choral day for the choirs in my area? We would love to secure a date for a ‘Come and Sing’ style day led by John. How do I do this?

    Best wishes.

    • John

      Hi Josie – if you’d like to send an email to, we’ll make sure that John sees it.
      Thanks, Emma Harrison (Assistant to John Rutter)

  47. Dr. Anne C. Witt

    Dear Mr. Rutter, I teach Music Education and Strings at the University of Alabama. Last weekend, I conducted “Dashing Away” from your Suite for Strings with a first-rate group of high school string players at a festival orchestra in Tennessee. A+ on your counterpoint!! During the rehearsal I taught them about counterpoint and the subtleties of how clever this composition is! It was a great pleasure to play it! We also played “O Waly Waly,” surely the definitive arrangement of that song. Thank you for this exquisite suite!

  48. Winston Whitlock

    Maestro Rutter: I attended last night’s performance (November 5, 2015) of “The Gift of Life” at St. Paul’s. I flew in from Atlanta, GA just for this performance. Being of the Anglican faith, and having sung “Gloria” and other compositions, I was excited to be in such a great venue and actually see you conduct. I wasn’t disappointed. There are those in my parish who are jealous that I work for an airline that allows me to travel. Thank you very much for the wonderful works you have created and shared with the world. I only hope that one day you will visit Atlanta!

  49. Paul Otte

    Dear Mr. Rutter, May I have permission to write a little piano arrangement of “What Sweeter Music” for my piano student? It would not be for publication nor wider distribution. I could send it to you for your perusal if you wish. Thank you ever so much for your gifts to the world of your wonderful music.
    God bless you.

  50. Ronfone

    I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Rutter at Trinity Church in Boston many years ago. I remarked to him that I thought that every hymnist had been dead for two hundred years…he humorously replied that he was alive and still kicking.

    I am a parishioner of a beautiful 104 years old Episopcal church in Hyannisport Massachusetts. We are a summer chapel and our church, therefore, has no heat!!! That not withstanding, we have a tradition of reopening our church on Christmas Eve for a midnight service…a special time in a special place – and we will likely have a full congregation again this year. It is our intent to play John’s beautiful ‘ Candlelight Carol’ that will surely be as warmly received as was our summer rendition of his ‘May the lord bless you and keep you’

    Mr. Rutter,Sir, you are truly inspirational in your compositions.

    Under separate cover I will send you a DVD of an equally inspirational individual called Noboyuki Tsjii’. I know you will enjoy the DVD as much as I did.

    Kind personal regards…I fondly remember your visit to Trinity Church all those years ago.

    Ron Fone

  51. Viv

    Your music never fails to lift my spirit – fantastic compositions and arrangements.

    Please would you consider setting the Desiderasta poem to music. The combination of your music and this poem would really be quite something to enjoy. I do hope that you will be able to fit this into your hectic schedule.

    Many thanks

  52. Dear John

    Biggleswade Choral Society wondered if you would be interested in being our after Dinner Speaker next year in June? I would be very grateful if I could contact you somehow? many thanks
    Karen Beer MD

  53. Thue Dich, (Denmark)

    Listening to your musical world gives me back the will to live, evokes awe and gratefulness. Listening, my heart swells and oscillates between thrill and pain. Playing it with my choirs is sheer joy.
    Thank you for all what you share with us fellow humans.
    (Sorry for my poor English).

  54. Dear Mr Rutter.
    I’m a student at Parktown High School for girls and I’m a proud member of the choir.We’ve just recently done a song composed by you -‘For the beauty of the earth’.I would just like to thank you for composing such a strong piece that makes one realize just how much more we have than we think and so how grateful we should be.

  55. Markus Weiss

    Dear Mr Rutter/ Ms Harrison,
    For our small school in a waldorfschool in Germany I would like to perform for Christmas:
    Blow,blow thou winter wind. But I would like to sing it only in unison and orchestra. Would I be aloud to simplify this song?
    Greetings Markus Weiss

  56. TOTARO Bruno

    Dear M. John Rutter, I am a french conductor of the Wind Symphonic Orchestra from Vichy (France) and I would like to know if you composed or arranged some music for wind orchestra (with choir or not). Thank you very much for your answer. Best regards, Bruno TOTARO

  57. Dear Mr Rutter,
    Is it possible to hire performance materials for your arrangements of “I Wonder as I Wander” (voice and orchestra) and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” (voice, oboe & strings), as featured in the album “Christmas Festival”? I can’t find these in the OUP or Hinshaw catalogues, nor in Music Sales (Schirmer).
    Best wishes,
    Robert Johnson, Librarian, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

  58. Con la presente siamo ad informare che la parrocchia “Santa Maria Assunta” di Bibione ha indetto il I Concorso Internazionale di Composizione per organo “Rino Benedet” dedicato alla memoria di Rino Benedet nell’intento di promuovere la creazione e la diffusione di un nuovo repertorio organistico a favore della liturgia.
    The Parish “Santa Maria Assunta” in Bibione, in collaboration with the Diocese of Concordia-Pordenone (Liturgic Office – Sect. Organs), banishes the 1st International Competition for organ compositions dedicated to the memory of Rino Benedet in order to promote the creation and the spread of a new organ repertoire in favor of the liturgy.

    Deadline: 30 September 2015
    Scadenza: 30 Settembre 2015

    For many informations visits the site: or write a mail to

    Daniele Parussini – secretary of competition

  59. tobia bonetti

    Dear John Rutter,
    We organize every year an international choir competition in verona, we would please to invite you as part of jury.
    so i please ask your contact mail to formalize the invite.
    thank you

  60. Florentsya

    Dear Sir John Rutter,

    Hello from Indonesia. My name is Florentsya and
    let me introduce one of our church community choir, Caecilia Chorus. We are a group of catholics who share a same vision which is to praise God through musics and also especially to conserve the catholic music heritage. Caecilia Chorus is founded 13 years ago and we have been serving the church ever since. From the start, we always love your songs and they have always inspired us.

    Hence, I am very proud to let you know that we are going to held a choir concert “Praise Ye the Lord” this coming September 12, 2015. This is a sincerely a tribute for your 70th birthday which is going to be on the September 24, 2015. 13 Songs will be presented and all the songs that are going to be presented are from your creations, such as: The Lord Bless you and Keep You, A Clare Benediction, O Clap Your hands, Gloria Patri, and many others.

    In addition to make this concert more meaningful, we’d also like to donate all of what we got from this concert for the restoration of the Church of St. Andres Kim Tae Gon in Kelapa Gading.

    You can check this is one of the link when we serve in the church:
    We don’t have much videos but, and sorry because this one is not your creations, but I hope this one could represent who we are as a choir. Please also do not hesitate if you’d like me to send you some of our videos.

    Finally, with all our respect, we would like to invite you to our concert. We know with your full schedule it might be very difficult for you to visit us in Jakarta. Nevertheless, it would be the most precious gift and the best encouragement for us if you could give us a word or two, be it written or video. Please let us know your email so we can send the invitation to you. My personal email is Please do not hesitate to contact me. =D

    Best Regards,
    Caecilia Chorus

  61. July 6, 2015

    Dear John,

    Many years ago we worked together at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ. I was your accompanist for the Bach B-Minor Mass. It was a most successful week and I enjoyed working with you and meeting your wife Joanne as well.

    As Associate Organist at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola in New York City, I am writing to ask if there would be any possibility for you to adapt your Gloria setting in Rite II Music for The Holy Eucharist to fit the new Catholic text version of the Gloria. We used your original setting with great success for many years here. It is difficult to find a through-composed Gloria for the Catholic mass that works for congregational singing. Yours is absolutely the best one. It would be a great service to the Catholic
    Church to have a really outstanding one for congregations that sing.

    Maybe you have been approached by others about this; if so, I look forward to learning about it.

    With warmest regards and good wishes for a pleasant summer,

    Nancianne Parrella
    Associate Organist
    Church of St. Ignatius Loyola
    980 Park Ave.
    NY, NY 10028

  62. Cher Monsieur RUTTER. Notre concert du 31 mai (Mass of the children) fut magnifique ! L’émotion fut si grande qu’un de nos choristes a écrit un poème. Je voudrais vous l’envoyer il est assez long et ne passe pas. Pourriez-vous répondre à mon message pour que je vous l’envoie par ma message ? Merci.

  63. Good afternoon ; we have a coral Association in Taubaté , a small town near Sao Paulo. We are in need of Magnificat sheet music of John Rutter for choir and piano and choir and orchestra in PDF. You guys have any special price for nonprofits ?

    • John

      Dear Alexandre – Rutter’s Magnificat is published by Hinshaw Music and OUP. Try contacting for more details. Thanks, Emma Harrison

  64. Mikkel Westh

    Is it possible to buy an instrumental backing track for Angel’s Carol for use with a choir?

    Thank you very much,


    • John

      Dear Mikkel – thanks for your email. No, there is not a backing track for Angels’ Carol, but I will pass the message on as we are asked about this from time to time. Thanks, Emma Harrison

  65. Daisy

    John Rutter writes the most amazing music ever!!! Does anybody disagree???

  66. Sue Scholes

    Are we allowed to record our choir singing music written by yourself please?

    • John

      Dear Sue –
      Thanks for the email. If you are going to sell the recording, you need to check with the publisher of the music. Oxford University Press will be able to help you further. Regards, Emma Harrison

  67. Dear Dr. Rutter,

    I inquired of Hinshaw publications about your arrangement of Christ the Lord is Risen today from Two festival hymns (HMC1004). They informed me that the product is out of print and not available as print on demand per your decision. I was curious why there were still instrumental parts for sale on a piece that is out of print.

    It was re-released as HMC1831. We do own copies of the re-release but I wished to use the festival arrangement next Easter at the Cathedral where I am music master. Any kind consideration to receive the original version would be sincerely appreciated.

    Kind Regards,

  68. Dear Dr. Rutter,

    Hinshaw publishers informed me that your composition Two festival hymns (HMC1004) is out of print and cannot be printed on demand per your instruction. This is strange since the instrumental parts are still for sale. We own the re-relase HMC1831 in our library but would be keen to perform the more stately original version in our Cathedral next Easter. How might I obtain legal copies. Thanks so much for your assistance and consideration.


  69. Michelle Humphries

    Please can you help me trace a piece of music I think was by you last Sunday?. I was in my car and on changing the channel I heard what I thought was the end of piece of music attributed to you but was not able to get the name of it. It was either played on Classic fm or Radio 3, sometime between 2pm and 3pm ish on Sunday 15th March 2015 (I think two of the words in the title began with a ‘B’ and a ‘K’)

    I do hope you can help me,

    Kind regards

    MIchelle Humphries

    • John

      Dear Michelle – I’ve had a quick look on both the Classic FM and Radio 3 Playlists for 15th March. I cannot find anything from John Rutter or Collegium Records played within that time frame. You can check what was played, by typing Classic FM playlist, then the date. Good luck! Emma Harrison

  70. Anna Nawrott

    Hello Mr Rutter !
    I am Anna, from Poland. I love your music and I dream to play Suite Antique with harpsichord and strings, In May I’m playing the important concert for me and I would like play “Suite Antique for flute, harpsichord and strings, but I can’t find the notes.
    Can you please help me where can I find them?
    Thank you for your help in advance.

    Yours cordially, Anna

    • John

      Dear Anna – you can hire the music for Suite Antique from Oxford University Press:

      Alternatively, the reduction for flute and piano is widely available to buy.

      Emma Harrison

      • Anna Nawrott

        Thank you for your help.

  71. I have a question for you, dear Mr. Rutter:

    The Frederick Chorale, our Maryland region’s auditioned mixed choir (under the superb direction of Douglas D. Cox) is performing your setting of the 23rd Psalm “The Lord Is My Shepherd” as the program opener for a collaborative concert with our talented local Frederick Children’s Chorus (under the direction of Judith L DuBose) in which we will perform your “Mass of the Children.” The Frederick Chorale will also perform Bernstein’s “Chichester Psalms.”
    It should be a glorious concert.

    The question relates to a variance between scores in measure 62 of the “Lord Is My Shepherd” — I am the alto section leader and seek the definitive answer, so I’m going right to the source. In m. 62, ct. 2 (second syllable of the word “ta-ble”) should the alto note be sung as an A rather than a G? I believe it was sung as an A in a recording with the Cambridge Singers, but we originally thought it should be the G (as printed in my 2010 published version) as that maintains a harmony of parallel fourths which are scored for all but one beat of that phrase.

    Could you kindly clarify for us your intention there?

    Thank you so very much – I truly appreciate your time and attention to this small matter.
    Most sincerely,
    Danielle Grace (:

    For anyone local who may be interested, our concert information is below:

    Psalms of Peace
    Chichester Psalms by Leonard Bernstein
    Mass of the Children by John Rutter
    The Frederick Chorale
    Douglas D. Cox, Music Director
    The Frederick Children’s Chorus
    Judith L. DuBose, Conductor and Artistic Director
    April 25, 2015, 8:00 p.m., April 26, 2015, 3:00 p.m.
    St. Joseph-on-Carrollton-Manor Catholic Church
    5843 Manor Woods Rd., Frederick, MD 21703

  72. bob chism

    Is there a flute part available for ‘for the beauty of the earth? Thanks

    • John

      Dear Bob – For the beauty of the earth, is published by Oxford University Press. Take a look at their website – it looks like parts are available to hire or buy.
      Thanks, Emma Harrison

  73. Gandri Kristian

    Dear Mr. Rutter,
    my name is Gandri Kristian from Manado, North Sulewesi, Indonesia.
    Church choirs in my city are very familiar with some of your works.
    This comminuity is planning to held an workshop and would like to invite you to come.
    Do you have an agent or assistance who I would like to discuss through private email? This is my personal email
    I look forward to hear from you.

    Gandri Kristian

  74. Brian D. Bailey (The Retired Singing Postie!!)

    Hello Mr. Rutter!
    I concur with the comment above that you are without a doubt one of the greatest composers of our time. My favourite is Look At The World, but I have just discovered the song I Will Sing with the Spirit. Your music brings me up when I am down and just makes me happy when I hear it. Thanks so very much Mr. John Rutter. Bravo to you!! & God Bless You, as well as everyone on this site. Thanks for listening! Brian D. Bailey

  75. linda winfield

    Hello Mr. Rutter,

    I was thinking I had found, at one time, an SSA piece of yours with maybe the title of Home or Home is Where The Heart Is. Am I correct? I certainly would like to find it again. Hope the title is correct or close to it. Thank you for all the enjoyment you have given so many over all the years. Your music is the best!!!

    • John

      Hello Linda – John has written a piece called ‘Home is a special kind of feeling’. It can be found as part of ‘Wind in the Willows’ – CSCD 513 – Three Musical Fables. See for further details. It’s an SATB arrangement. Thanks, Emma Harrison

  76. Cher Mr Rutter,
    Notre choeur, le Brussels International Singers, va interpréter votre oeuvre “The mass for the children” en mai prochain. Plusieurs de nos membres sont allés l’écouter à Hasselt (Belgique) et ont eu le plaisir de vous rencontrer. Nous nous demandons si vous accepteriez d’être présent à notre concert et quelles seraient les conditions financières. Nous vous remercions déjà pour votre réponse.

  77. Molly Johnson

    I would love to do ‘What Sweeter Music’ with my upper voice choir, would you please consider publishing the Choirboys arrangement? I see someone else asked in 2011 but I’m just wondering if there is enough interest?

  78. Peter Patient

    Dear John,

    I discovered your song All Bells in Paradise this Christmas and I just wanted to say “Thank You” for composing such a wonderful and beautiful carol. It is truly inspired and I am grateful.


    • John

      Dear Peter – thank you for your kind words about “All Bells in Paradise’. I will pass your comments on to John.
      Regards, Emma Harrison

  79. Holden B.

    I am writing a drumline show and I would like to ask for rights to record and arrange Beauty of the Earth.How much that would b and here can I do that?

    • John

      Hello – thanks for your message. Please contact the music copyright department of Oxford University Press about this request. They should be able to help you.
      Many thanks, Emma Harrison

  80. Theo Kroone

    Hi John, I found yr beautifull song “All bells in Paradise” performed by king’s College Cambrigde.
    Like to perform this with male choir; found at OUP only SATB.
    Did you compose this song also for TTBB/piano?
    Would be great. If so, where to order.?
    best wishes/ Theo, Veldhoven, the Netherlands

    • John

      Hi Theo – All Bells is just available for SATB scoring. Regards, Emma Harrison

  81. Anita M Cummings

    Dear Mr. Rutter, I am writing to ask your permission to use your music, Suite Antique, from the “Fancies” CD album, for a YouTube video of prayer dances. I would be posting the credits in the introduction, and would not receive any monetary benefit from them. They are for all who wish to pray vicariously through the dances. If you want to see them first, before giving me permission, I would be happy to send a video of the dances to you. In any case, I would like you to see them at some point! I am so grateful to dance to your music.

    I am a liturgical dancer and began using these 6 little pieces, which I love, for my own dance meditations. I was recovering from a chronic case of Mononucleosis, and needed to rebuild my strength. I tried to move every way possible to enhance my recovery. To my surprise, each piece began to evolve into its own theme, and I realized they were body prayers. Your music now lives in my body and my soul!

    Thinking they were only for my own use, I was surprised when I shared them with the women in a small spiritual direction group I lead. They were very moved and wanted others to benefit from them. Now they are urging me to let them help produce a video so more can have access to them.

    The themes of my prayers that have emerged over the months are these:

    Prayer Dances: “Suite Antique” from John Rutter’s “Fancies”

    1. Prelude: Motions of Need, Seeking Balance

    2. Ostinato: I Bring My All to You

    3. Aria: Lead Me Lord, I Trust in You

    4. Waltz: The Wonders of Being Alive in This World

    5. Chanson: Receiving Gifts of Life and Letting Go: Death Comes

    6. Rondeau: The Final Gift: a Dance of Resurrection

    I await your reply with hopefulness.


    The Rev Anita M Cummings
    Pastoral Associate at Presbyterian Church of the Way
    Shoreview, MN 55126-8134 USA

  82. Richard Niezbrycki

    Hello Mr Rutter. I am a member of a church choir in Poland (Września). Our conductor has asked me to enquire about sheet music for SATB with accomp. for A Christmas Lulaby. I can’t find it anywhere on the internet. Could you help. My email is

    • Christine Baelz

      Singing Together
      Dear Mr Rutter,
      At a recent Singing Day in Reigate, you asked if anyone could comment on why there is less singing in schools than there used to be, and why today’s children (and their parents) are unfamiliar with traditional songs and carols. At the time I mentioned two things; the first being a lack of suitably qualified teachers who are able to play the piano and accompany the children (or availability of a separate accompanist). I gather from this site that there have been many requests for accompaniment CDs for your own music, and would add my voice to those requests.
      The other thing which I mentioned was a BBC Radio programme, which I remembered fondly from my childhood. It was my introduction to group singing and I still remember many of the songs which I learned then. The programme was “Singing Together”. The reason for writing to you today is that I have just seen an article on the BBC website which discusses this programme, “the show that got schoolchildren singing”. There will be a broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 20.00 on 29th November; “Archive on 4”, which I am sure you would find of interest.
      Many thanks for all your wonderful music – you have enriched millions of lives.

  83. Shaun Eborn

    What are the copyright laws for “For the Beauty of the Earth” I have just completed an arrangment for piano that I would like to sell. Also how do I give the set percentage of the pay to John Rutter.

    • John

      Dear Shaun – thank you for checking this. Please contact Oxford University Press Copyright Department with your query. Regards, Emma Harrison

  84. Joe Pinter

    Dear Mr. Rutter,
    May I ask your help?
    I want to buy the “Look at the World” and “All things bright and beautiful” full orchestral notens.
    Can you please help me where can I order them?
    Thank you for your help in advance.

    • John

      Good morning Joe –
      If you look on the Oxford University Press website, you will find further details about how to get the orchestral parts.
      Thanks, Emma Harrison

  85. Helen Moser

    Dear John Rutter,
    Yesterday, 12.10.2014, the Evangelische Kantorei, Biberach, S. Germany, sang your Magnificat and Gloria under the baton of our choirmaster, Ralf Klotz. Between the two choral works, the orchestra Capella Novanta under Günther Luderer perfomed your Suite for Strings. Usually the audience is asked to wait until the end of the concert before applauding, but yesterday spontaneous applause broke out immediately after the Magnificat, and at the end of the concert there was more enthusiastic applause as several hundred people rose to their feet to express their appreciation. As the only British member of the choir I had a hard job not to sing along with the Suite for Strings, having learned the songs from my mother at a very early age, so for me they aroused many memories and more than a little homesickness.
    I just wanted to let you know how well received your works were by the audience here in our beautiful St. Martin’s Church, and to say a big thank you for this wonderful, uplifting and inspiring music.
    With very best wishes,
    Helen Moser
    p.s. And I’m pleased to say that we managed to make “Of a Rose, a Lovely Rose” sound really quite Englisch

    • John

      Dear Helen – Thank you for your comments – I’m sure John will be thrilled to hear that his work was so well received! Regards, Emma Harrison, Assistant to John Rutter

  86. Tony Smart

    Happy Birthday!!!

  87. Marie-Dominique DOUX

    I just want to thank Mr RUTTER for the beautiful music he composes. I live in the north of France and I have recently discovered the King’s College Choir with the song “All bells in paradise” which moved me to tears. What a wonderful music and the singers are also very good ! Thank you to Mr RUTTER and the singers of th King’s College Choir for their great talent !!

    • John

      Thank you for your kind words about ‘All bells in paradise’. Best wishes, Emma Harrison (Assistant to John Rutter)

  88. DOUX Marie-Dominique

    Dear Mr RUTTER,
    I live in the North of France and I wanted to thank you for the beautiful music you compose. I have recently discovered the song “All bells in paradise” sung by the King’s College Choir, it’s just amazing ! This music moved me to tears, one of the most beautiful I’ve ever heard. Thank you so much Mr RUTTER for your talent and thank you to the singers of the King’s College Choir too.
    Best regards.
    Marie-Dominique DOUX

  89. Dear Mr Rutter/ Ms Harrison,

    I was very much hoping to be able to sing the Rutter arrangement of ‘I wonder as I wander’ this Christmas with one of the choirs at The Tiffin Girls’ School, but note it’s currently only available for SATB. Are there any plans for an SSA or SSAA arrangement in the near future at all?

    Many Thanks,

    Philip Viveash
    Director of Music
    The Tiffin Girls’ School

    • John

      Dear Philip – thanks for your message. Unfortunately, John is not planning on making an SSA or SSAA arrangement of ‘I wonder as I wander’ this year.
      Sorry to disappoint. Regards, Emma Harrison

  90. Mark

    Hi -I’d like to find some PR images of John Rutter. Can you please let me know where I can find these… Thank you.

  91. Dear John
    I would appreciate if you were able to contact me regarding a fellowship in Choral Conducting which we, the Arts Foundation are awarding this year to an emerging conductor.
    I have no other contact details for you so I hope you see this.
    Kind regards
    Shelley Warren/Director

    • John

      Dear Shelley – you can write to John at and we will make sure he sees it. Regards, Emma Harrison

  92. John Warhurst

    Hi John,

    I’ve been to the Christmas Celebration concerts at the Royal Albert Hall and really enjoyed them – I’ll be there again this year. I had a thought that with the sudden passing of Patric Standford this year it could be a wonderful opportunity to play his ‘A Christmas Carol Symphony’?
    John Warhurst

  93. Hilary Boot-Handford

    Is it possible to buy a SSA vision of 23rd Psalm as I sing with an all female ensemble? I’ve looked on the Internet but found nothing.
    We already perform the SSA version of Gaelic Blessing and love it.

    • John

      Dear Hilary – thanks for your message. ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’ is not currently available in SSA version. However, John is going to be reviewing his choral works, and some will be arranged for SSA. Watch this space! Thanks, Emma Harrison, PA to John Rutter

  94. Alastair

    We arranging my mother’s funeral and her specific request is for ‘Look at the World’ to be played. She also requested that the words be set out in the service sheet – is it ok to do this? Is a specific acknowledgement required? Many thanks.

    • John

      Dear Alistair – thanks for your message. It is fine for you to print the words in the service sheet. Thank you for checking. Emma Harrison

  95. My church choir would like to record Mr. Rutter’s ‘The Lord bless you and keep you” as part of a fundraising CD to save our bell tower. Where can we seek permission and settle any rights please? Many thanks P. Dunn

    • John

      Dear Mr Dunn – Thank you for your message. Please contact OUP for permission to use the music for’The Lord Bless you and Keep You’. You will also need a license to make the CD, from the MCPS. Thanks, Emma Harrison

  96. Chris

    Trying to discern Mr. Rutter’s use of the word “aye” in Nativity Carol. I’m sure it’s not ‘yes”. Any enlightenment you could share would be helpful. Also was this a commission or carol he wrote inspired by the Holy Season?

    • John

      Hi Chris – The Nativity Carol was written in 1963 and was one of John’s earliest compositions. It was not a commissioned work.
      ‘Aye’ = a certainty
      I hope that helps. Regards, Emma Harrison, Assistant to John Rutter

  97. Mary Loebach Riesen

    Our small, local choir ( in Mason City, Iowa, USA, is performing your Five Childhood Lyrics for our May 10th spring concert. I would like to publish the words in our program. Whom should I contact for permission?

    • John

      Dear Mary – it’s fine for you to print the words for Five Childhood Lyrics in the concert program. Thank you for checking and good luck with the Spring Concert!
      Regards, Emma Harrison, PA to John Rutter

  98. Sybille

    Dear John,

    I have totally fallen in love with your arrangement of the Gaelic Blessing for harp and orchestra. Where can I actually purchase the music? I play the harp (after a fashion) and would dearly like to get my teeth into this beautiful piece. Where can I find the sheet music for it?

    • John

      Hello Sybille – Thanks for your message. I’m sorry, but the ‘Gaelic Blessing’ arrangement for harp and orchestra is unpublished. We are getting a few requests for it, but at this time, there are no plans to publish it. Best wishes, Emma Harrison (PA to John Rutter)

  99. Demore' Turner

    Dear Mr. Rutter,
    I am a Choir student at my school, Richmond High School, in Richmond Missouri. We sung your lovely song ” Lets Begin Again” for Choir contests. We are getting really good at it but now our teacher wants us to sing it for one of our festivals. Thank you for looking at this.

    • John

      Dear Demore’ – thank you for your message to John – I’ll pass it on to him.
      Good luck with singing ‘Let’s Begin Again’ at the festival!
      Best wishes, Emma Harrison, PA to John Rutter

  100. Heber Morales

    We are planning two benefit concerts by our Guatemalan Community Choir and Orchestra, on Dec 9 at the National Theater, Guatemala City and Dec 10, 2014 at the Chapel of Casa Santo Domingo, Antigua Guatemala; all funds after costs go to charity. According to our laws, we need to know how to get permission for public performance for all copyrighted music, including one of your Christmas anthems: ANGELS’ CAROL (2 part version). We will buy about 110 SATB octavos and Orchestral Score and instr. parts; nonetheless, before purchasing sheet music, we need to be sure about your permission for public performance. Please, tell me how to address this issue properly. Thanks for your kind help.

    • John

      Hello Heber –
      You might like to contact the publisher of the music – OUP about this query.
      Try contacting
      Thanks, Emma Harrison

  101. Edison

    Hello Mr. Rutter,
    I was looking to buy “Shadows” for baritone and guitar, but I can’t find it anywhere. Is it out of print? is there any way for me to get it?

  102. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your music unknots the tension in my stomach! As a soprano, I long for a solo arrangement for soprano, flute and piano of “For the Beauty of the Earth.” Is such a thing available?

    • John

      Hi Evona – thanks for your comments. There is an SA version of ‘For the Beauty of the Earth’ – it’s available through OUP, or in the USA, Hinshaw Music.
      Thanks, Emma Harrison

  103. Matthew Jays

    Hello Mr. Rutter, I am music student from Louisiana, with a focus in tuba, and I am interested in arranging “Out of The Deep” from your Requiem as a tuba solo piece. I am aware I need your permission to do this, please get back to me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

    • John

      Dear Matthew -please direct your query to the publisher of the music – OUP.
      The best person to contact is
      Thanks, Emma Harrison

  104. Last Sunday, March 16, our 50 voice choir, 22 piece orchestra performed the Requiem at two services in our church in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Thank you for writing such beautiful music. During the performance, we had members of the congregation and the choir in emotional tears from participating in such a spiritual performance. Our director was celebrating his fiftieth and final year at our church – this was his career finale – his last, big work. We have sung the Maginificat, Gloria 2 times and this was our 3rd time with the Requiem. Is it possible that John could write a quick note of Congratulations to our Director, Dr. William Foley for his years of presenting amazing music to the people of Chagrin Falls Ohio? Our celebration of his service will be June 7, 2014. Thank you, Casey Forbes

    • John

      Hi Casey –
      I will ask John if he can email something to you. Should he use the address above?
      Thanks, Emma Harrison (Assistant to John Rutter)

  105. alexandre lemos

    Hello Mr. J. Rutter!
    Congratulation for your wonderful music!
    Can you help buying THE BEATLES CONCERT complete orchestra and piano partitions/sheet

    • John

      Dear Alexandre – thanks for your email. I’m afraid that The Beatles Concerto is not published.
      Sorry that I cannot help further.
      Kind regards, Emma Harrison

      • Harry Blommaert

        I cannot imagine that this beautiful music is not made available (on rental) for orchestra’s and soloists?

  106. Solomon Chi

    Dear Mr. Rutter:

    We are Chinese churches in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We will have a united church choir singing “for the beauty of the earth” in a charity event in May. As the audiences are mostly Chinese, we will sing the Chinese lyrics. However, there is no Chinese version in the market yet, so we have translated the English lyrics into mandarin and handwritten it on the bought music sheet. The Chinese-version music will be made (photocopied) by ourselves. We need 80 copies. To respect your copyright, we will pay for this. How much should we pay and can we have a group discount? Thank you very much!

    • John

      Dear Solomon – please direct your query to the publisher of the music – OUP.
      The best person to contact is
      Thanks, Emma Harrison

  107. Debbie Meagher

    Is there a SSA version available for For the Beauty of the Earth? Please let me know. Thanks.

    • John

      Hi Debbie – there is an SA version of ‘For the Beauty of the Earth’. It’s available via OUP, or if you are in the USA, Hinshaw Music.
      Regards, Emma Harrison COLLEGIUM RECORDS

  108. Dear John,

    Trust you are well.

    Would it be at all possible for you to consider composing a work connected with the story of St Edmund – King of East Anglia and Patron Saint of England….( as declared by King Alfred the Great and then spiritually dethroned by Edward the Third in favour of St George ) ?
    There is a fine book recently written about him : EDMUND The untold story of the Martyr-King and his Kingdom by Mark Taylor, and Mark has just had an article published about him in Minerva magazine :

    Do hope you can help resurrect our neglected Saint worldwide – as is his due.

    With hope, best wishes and thanks.

    + Charles Mugleston

    7 Harvest House, Felixstowe, Suffolk.

    • John

      Dear Rt Revd Mugleston,
      Thank you for your message and suggestion to John Rutter.
      He receives many requests for compositions, but I’ll make sure he sees your message.
      Sounds like a fascinating book!
      Regards, Emma Harrison

  109. Paul Griffith

    Is there an arrangement of “This is the Day” for solo voice instead of SATB? My son is getting married and would like to use this piece but only have access to a solo voice, not 4 parts.

    • John

      Hello Paul – no, it’s just in SATB format. Thanks, Emma Harrison

  110. Melissa Argus

    Hello John, I was wondering if you will be in England mid April 2015? ( A way off I know). I am bringing my College Choir from Perth Western Australia and we would love to see one of your performances or masterclasses.
    We sing your Music regularly.It’s just wonderful !
    Thank you

    • John

      Hello Melissa – Thanks for your message. Would it be OK to check back later on in the year? John’s diary changes all the time!
      Thanks, Emma Harrison (Assistant to John Rutter)

  111. Thomas

    Being a choir singer as welI, I like all your beautiful songs, Mr Rutter! “As the Bridegroom to his Chosen” is great and absolutely my favourite song of yours!
    Thomas from Cologne

    • John

      Dear Thomas – Thanks for these kind words about ‘As the Bridegroom to his Chosen’. I’ll pass them on to John.
      Emma Harrison (Assistant to John Rutter)

  112. Lisa Sadie

    I am yet another teacher looking for backing tracks to use with SA primary school choir. From reading the replies to earlier emails, I realise that this has not been your practice previously. I was wondering if there had been any progress. Schools without pianists are more and more common. I can be pretty sure that you will have a keen market when you are ready to go down that route.
    Yours, Lisa Sadie

    • John

      Hello Lisa –
      Thanks for your message.
      No developments as yet, but I can certainly pass your comments on.
      Regards, Emma Harrison p.a. to John Rutter

  113. Claire

    Hello, John,
    For over twenty years, I have sung choral works with various choirs in the eastern US, and I must say one of my favorite pieces was your beautiful Magnificat. Currently, I am living in southern California and have discovered that you will be conducting choirs from around the country in April at Carnegie Hall. Would you kindly respond with how I might participate in this experience…it would be an opportunity of a lifetime to sing under your direction!
    Many thanks for your reply and…many thanks for sharing your gift with the world!

    • John

      Hello Claire – Registration for the Carnegie Hall concerts is handled by Mid-America Productions. Here is their website:
      Best wishes, Emma Harrison

  114. Jana Garrett

    Dear Mr. Rutter,

    I have so enjoyed listening to Lullaby For Pegi recorded on “Blessing” with Catrin Finch and Sinfonia Cymru. Is the score for this piece available for purchase?

    Best Regards,
    Jana Garrett

    • John

      Hi Jana –
      Thanks for your message. Lullaby for Pegi is not published and there are no plans to publish it at this moment. Sorry.
      Best wishes,
      Emma Harrison
      Assistant to John Rutter

  115. Patrick Nefzger

    Dear Maestro Rutter, you were my Carnegie Hall Conductor in 2011 after your Royal Wedding. I want to send you my 2013 Xmas Card. Where can I send it? Maybe to your office or agent? Please send me an address for my Xmas Card. Sincerely, Patrick Nefzger.

    • John

      Any correspondence should be sent to Collegium Records, PO Box 664, Huntingdon, PE29 9HX, UK.
      p.a. to John Rutter

  116. Deb Jacobi

    Respects Mr. Rutter – I am trying to solve a mystery. Last year at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas concert they had Alfie Boe as a guest. He sang your arrangement of “I Wonder as I Wander” accompanied by my facial therapist, Janene Holmberg on the viola. Mack Wilberg said it wasn’t publicly available but you were gracious to let them use it. He mentioned that Alfie recorded it. Did you write a new arrangement for that cd?? Rumor has it that Alfie likes the viola. I don’t know if that’s true.

    Thanking you for your consideration in advance.

  117. Andrew Small

    Dear Mr. Rutter,

    Excellent Work with The Lennon/ McCartney. The Rachmananoff Style (please excuse my spelling!) lent itself very well to The Work.

    Humbly Offered, The only thing I would change about The Piece is how You portray the Vocal. Chords would be better than single note movements.

    Inside my generational perception, (45ish); it is risky, so to speak, to Play interpretations of Passages originally Sung, to me the portrayal with single note movements sounds thin, chords would be much stronger. Interpreting known “song” can be done Beautifully, though, I think, not with every song. I also think that Instrumentation really “makes or breaks”,, one vocal interpretation instrumented differently could sound resonant and beautiful, or “corny”

    Interpreting Pop Music as far as The Music of the song is most always Beautiful and Enjoyable. Interpreting vocal passage is dicey.

    I would say Your Excellent Beatles Composition would be Perfected if The vocal passages involved mostly Chords as opposed to single notes.

    Wonderful piece in all other ways, Thank You Sir!

    Blessings, and Keep Up The Good Work!

    Your fan, Andrew

  118. Ueli Mani

    Dear Mr. John Rutter,
    It’s a while ago (end of April 2013) since I contacted you about our preparation of the “Mass of the Children” in Solothurn, Switzerland. And you kindly answered my questions straight away which I appreciated very much in deed!

    Last night we then experienced what your music did and does to 700 visitors in the Cathedral of Solothurn! The choir included 120 youngsters of the Grammer School of Basel as well as 80 adult singers of two choral societies of Solothurn plus a large orchestra – altogether nearly a thousand people who witnessed the performance! The conductor was Konstantin Keiser.
    I took part as a singer (tenor) but was able, due to illness of our choir director, to replace him in a few choir rehearsals in early autumn. Due to this I had the chance to studying your compositions even more thoroughly and profoundly.

    In exchanging our thoughts and impressions after the concert last night, Konstantin and I felt we would like to let you know how much pleasure and satisfaction it caused to rehearse your compositions (the “Mass of the Children”, “For the beauty of the world”, “O be joyful in the Lord” and “All things bright and beautiful”) and to prepare them for a concert (incl. “Psalm 42” by Mendelssohn).
    It is the inner light, the inwardness of the music and the texts that sprang over as sparks to the audience. It’s the radiating humbleness of the melodic tunes, the wise accompaniments of the orchestra with the solo instruments that underline the message of the works. It is the unique Idea of combining the “old language” of the Latin mass with the moving texts of the various poets. But it is also the dialogue weaving between the children’s voices, the soloists and the mixed choir, especially so in the Finale with the Tallis canon and the all-embracing prayers.
    Or put it shortly: It’s the jewels and the gems that reach the listener und touch him in his heart but also awaken him in his consciousness and thought.
    We would like to thank you ever so much for what you have given to us who studied the works as well as for what could be given to a concentrated perceptive audience.
    With sincere regards and best wishes.
    Ueli Mani and Konstantin Keiser

  119. Marla Caballero

    My high school orchestra is performing your Suite for Strings – such a wonderful piece! The students are really enjoying all of the many styles and characteristics of the piece! Do you have program notes for this piece? Thank you!

    • Brian D. Bailey

      Dear Mr. Rutter:
      I just want to let you know how very very much I enjoy your music. I especially love your song, LOOK AT THE WORLD. I especially like the Festival Children’s And Adult Choir version where you were the conductor. I was in choirs for many many years. (Baritone) I have gone away from music a little now over the years and your music has brought me back to it. I thank you for that Mr. Rutter. I especially love the way you change keys in your songs. It is so very beautiful! I thank you so very much for taking the time to listen to me, as I know you are a very busy man.

      Merry Christmas and God Bless,

      Brian D. Bailey (The Singing Postie!)

      • Brian D. Bailey

        Dear Mr. Rutter:
        I would just like to elaborate a little about my particular situation. I love music and I have always loved it. We sang your music years ago in a choir as well. Recently, my son had a brain tumour (nopn-cancerous thank goodness). He is now doing very well thanks to the amazing doctors and nurses at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto Canada. I just can’t get through your song LOOK AT THE WORLD without crying. They are good tears however. Thank you for that and God Bless You.
        Brian D. Bailey

        • John

          Dear Brian –
          Thank you for these kind words – I will pass them on to John.
          Emma Harrison
          Assistant to John Rutter

  120. Maria

    Dear Mr Rutter,
    I have just joined a choir where we are planning to sing “The Colours of Christmas” in a church carol service later this month.
    I usually sing soprano, however I shall be singing alto for this one!
    I require some assistance as the facilities of our choir are such that resources are very limited indeed. I need to practise at home, which means I’m on my own.
    Is there by any chance an online version of the ALTO ONLY for “The Colours of Christmas” please? I do not play an instrument, nor do I read music so an audio version is my only way of practising! I find it too difficult to try and “guess” the notes, I don’t know it well enough yet, and actually I keep vereing into the soprano version anyway – as it’s the natural tune I guess! Any other advice and guidance would be very gratefullly appreciated!
    Very many thanks in eager anticipation,
    Kind regards,

  121. Holly Scott

    Our SATB church choir is planning to sing The Angels’s Carol on Christmas Sunday. We’ve been learning it, but the sopranos are finding it high. Is it available is a lower key?

  122. David Redrobe

    I have just been listening to a piece of liturgical choral music from Holy Name Church, Manchester. It was part of its morning service. I listened simult. on DAB and Analogue radios. The music was beautifullr reflected from one to the other. Have you thought of writing music that “imitated” this?
    Best wishes,

  123. Coral O'Sullivan

    Dear Publisher

    I wish to make a recording of the Benediction from the Clare Anthems with a church choir in Cork, Ireland.

    How do I go about requesting permission for a license to make this recording – it is for a l;imited sale chariy CD to raise funds for the cathedral.

    Yours faithfully,

    Coral O’Sullvain

    • John

      Dear Coral,
      You will need an MCPS license from They will issue a license based on what you wish to record and how many CDs you have made.

  124. Octa Kellond

    Mr. Rutter your contributions to the language of music are most admired and appreciated by many people around the world. Thank you for providing this vehicle for expressing my praise and for sharing the music!
    Our community choir, Oldham County Singers, Crestwood, KY, USA will collaborate with 2 chancel choirs in performing Lessons and Carols this Christmas. The performances will be on Dec. 13 at 7:00p.m. in St. Aloysius Sanctuary, Mt. Mercy Drive, Pewee Valley, KY and again on Dec. 15 at 7:00p.m. in Immaculate Conception, LaGrange, KY.

  125. Pablo Castillo

    I’ve been searching for a version of What Sweeter Music with spanish lyrics, and it has been unsuccesfull, since I’ve been working for many years leading choir and doing translations, I decided to do my own, keeping the metric and rhyme, and care has been taken to keep spanish lyrics as close as possible to the original poem. It is such a beautiful song with a deep message of love from God that must be shared in other languages.

    • John

      Dear Pablo,
      I don’t think there is a Spanish translation. You should contact Kohl Dieu at OUP – – she will have a record, and provide a license for your own version if necessary.
      pa to John

  126. Brenda

    Dear John,
    Our church choir loves to sing your carols and anthems. Unfortunately our organist can’t play the wonderful accompaniments. Are there any backing tracks available for a choir such as ours to use?
    I have always loved your work. it’s very inspirational to sing.

    • John

      Dear Brenda,
      Apologies – at present no such backing tracks exist.
      pa to John

  127. Mr. Rutter, love your musicality! I will be directing your 1981 carol collection, “Joy to the World” in December as a Lessons and Carols service. Is there one (or more) CD’s for purchase that include your arrangements of all those particular carols? If so, where can I order the CD or CD’s? Thanks for your help and God bless your work.

  128. Jumel

    Hi Mr. Rutter,

    I am a member of a Catholic Church Chorale in the Philippines. Our choir is “Maria Immaculada Choir”. We are singing in Immaculate Conception Parish located in Pasig City, Philippines. Actually, Our choir is preparing for a small free concert for our parents this coming Christmas. I heard your composition of “Home Is A Special Kind of feeling” sung by Mormon Tabernacle Choir in YouTube and our choir loved it. Is it okay if we sing this music to our concert? Can I request for a copy of the music sheet of this song? Please???

    Hope to hear a good feedback from you Sir!
    Many Thanks.

    Best Regards,

  129. “When they sing it sounds like how I dream angels sing… Perfect. You can’t tell they are British. [They pronounce] the words so even though they are singing classical[ly] you could understand what they were talking about. When you hear the music you almost just feel good. It makes me feel happy and light. It seems like all their voices are one.”

    This is a quote from one of my students in high school choir at Calvary Christian High School in Clearwater, Florida, USA. We were doing a listening assignment on the Cambridge Singers recording of “What Sweeter Music.” Just thought I would share. Thanks for creating this experience for my students, Mr. Rutter.

  130. I have recently written an Easter poem and would like to share it with Mr. Rutter in the event he might be interested in writing a new hymn using these words. How can I best email him a copy?

  131. Gcina Shabalala

    Dear John. I am in South Africa and our choir needs to sing the song Oh be joyful in the Lord. We need to get the notes of the song. Please help us.

  132. Dear Mr. Rutter,

    I am Roger McMurrin’s assistant. I am writing to you to inquire about a possibility of collaboration that the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (KSOC), founded by Roger, has been dreaming about for many years.

    This year the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (KSOC), under Roger’s direction, is celebrating its 20th season in Kiev. In this connection, we are planning a series of concerts that would be called the 20th Anniversary International Series.

    We are approaching the Embassies of the United States, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany and Austria to discuss collaboration on these concert projects.

    As part of this series, we’ve been thinking about doing a program of British music. When my colleagues and I began to discuss the idea of a ‘’British concert’’ we immediately thought about you as a potential guest star. Someone even said that the best idea would be an ‘’All-Rutter program.’’ First of all, you are a good friend of Roger’s, the founder of our group. Secondly, Ukrainians love your music and hold you in very high regard. The KSOC has performed your Gloria and Christmas carols for twenty years! The texts of these Christmas carols have been translated into Ukrainian. Your Psalm 23 and The Lord Bless You and Keep You have been sung in many Ukrainian churches.

    The KSOC has taken your music further east – to the Central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan. This coming December the Kyiv Symphony Chorus – together with the Kyrgyz musicians – will do under Roger’s baton the 4th annual Christmas concert in Bishkek. Your Christmas carols will be performed as well!

    It would be an honour for us to do a program of your music in Kyiv with you and Roger conducting. We believe it would be a unique cultural experience for Ukraine. We envision this event taking place sometime between January and May of 2014.

    We would be happy to discuss the details of a potential concert program with you.

    What do you think about this idea? I do hope that you would consider it and give me a preliminary answer in the near future. Look forward to hearing from you!

    Serhiy Basarab
    Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus
    Kyiv, Ukraine

  133. Annettebüche

    Dear Mr. Rutter,

    first and foremost let me tell you, that I love your music, especially your rich, colourful and sometimes surprising harmonies. For example in the Mass of the Children. So modern, expressive, but also agreeable for the ear.

    I know your passion is writing for voices and accompaniment. But I´ve made up my mind to dare to ask you, whether you could compose some pieces for piano alone. I am a piano teacher from Aschaffenburg, Germany, and I would like to play such piano-pieces for myself; perhaps also for piano pupils to enjoy your musical language and to get pupils acquainted to a really wonderful composer of today.
    May i hope?

    With kind regards,
    Annette Büche

  134. Dear Mr. Rutter,

    I am Director of Music Ministries at The National Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC. We would be most interested in proposing to you a commission for an anthem, possibly to the final lines of Gerard Manley Hopkins “As kingfishers catch fire” – Christ plays in ten thousand places, lovely in limbs, and lovely in eyes not his to the Father through the features of men’s faces. Thank you.

    • John

      Dear Michael.
      I’ve forwarded your message to John.
      p.a. to John Rutter

  135. Dear John,

    I am Leslie Duffy and I teach music to ages 3 ’till 13 at an excellent private school in Pietermaritzburg,
    South Africa. Our school (The Wykeham Collegiate) has a very strong music tradition and was started by two Englishwomen.

    I have listened to Christmas Star. and love your arrangement of J.R. Murray’s “Away in a Manger” Is there a copy of the last verse arranged in 3 or 4 parts for female/children’s voices?My choir is from ages 9 until 13. (They are very capable!)

    At the end of every year, We present a Christmas Worship programme called “The Festival of Praise” My choir has to present two items for this occasion.Our other musical groups present the rest of the programme.

    I thought that the purity and innocence of this work would suit our little girls’ voices very well, as the rest of the programme is presented by High school choirs and wind ensemble.

    May I have the audacity to ask for an arrangement for SSA or SSAA? we have presented many of your songs before (including Angels’ carol and Star Carol, and we did very well in an Eisteddfodd with your arrangement of “God be in My head” Perhaps you could dedicate it to a school largely following the English tradition, which is situated in darkest Africa?

    Thank you, and regards,
    Leslie Duffy

    P.S You can look at our website at to get a feel of our school, which is one of the leading independant schools in Africa.

    • John

      Dear Leslie,
      Please send a message to John c/o Collegium Records, at

  136. Jim Hester

    Dr. Rutter,

    I have been listening to the joyful noise of the Cambridge Singers since you first formed the group in the early ’80s. I recently “rediscovered” a recording that I had not listened to in many years – the cd entitled “Brother Sun, Sister Moon,” recorded in 1988 in the Great Hall of University College School. I had forgotten the incredible joy and peace that you and the choir created in that recording. Thank you for bringing grace and beauty to our world! p.s..I sang for decades under the direction of Gordon McMillan and, because of him, was introduced to your direction along with Sir David’s and Tim Brown’s. Thank you again for all you do! Jim Hester

  137. David Hagy

    I am doing a Family Concert with the Salisbury (NC) Symphony the Sunday before Thanksgiving and want to perform your version of “For the Beauty of the Earth.” Appearing with us are a Fifth Grade Choir and a Mens Choir. Wikipedia says that there is a TTBB version of this song, but no publisher seems to be aware of it. Would you tell me if a TTBB version exists, and if not, if you would be opposed to one being made? I look forward to working with this beautiful arrangement!

  138. Nancy Poffenbarger

    I was born in England and moved when I was young. Ever since I was little I have loved to sing the music of Vitoria, Monteverdi and all great works by Rutter. I was once invited to sing in the Rutter Choir when I was in high school and wasn’t able to raise the funds. Since then I have become a professional vocalist and will retire from the Air Force Band of the West in three years. I am now back in the UK visiting for my brother’s wedding and going to see as much as I can possibly take in. I will be visiting Cambridge tomorrow and didn’t know if there was anything other than Evensong at King’s College that I should try to see. Thanks for your help! This trip has been a dream come true!!!

  139. Julian Francis

    Hi Mr. Rutter. I’m a tenor from the St. Leonard’s 100 Boys Choir. We are from the Caribbean (Barbados where you would have conducted already) and doing wonderful things through music. Annually we have a christmas concert and without fail we feature many of you arrangements and compositions and do a wonderful job if we may say so ourselves. In fact we never have a concert that does not have a Rutter piece. The group has become very fond of you music and we would like to have contact with you to discuss possible future encounters. This would be a dream come true for us all as we have tried effortlessly and unsuccessfully to reach you. I do hope that you see this message and would that a good response follow.

  140. connie holtz

    I sang in the group choir at Carnegie Hall, NY summer of 1998 for 10th anniversary of John Rutter’s debut. Is it possible to buy a photo of that performance? I was front row center stage. My local community choir: Coastal Voices in Santa Maria, CA USA will be singing all John Rutter music for our December concert. Our retreat is mid August and a photo would be great to share my experience. BTW: I already called Carnegie and they do not keep photos of John’s concerts. PLEASE HELP ASAP. Thanks. Connie in Pismo Beach CA

    • John

      You should try Mid-America:
      They may have a photo of the evening, if one was taken. We don’t have one here.

  141. Susan Buchanan

    My small church in the USA would like to use the Gloria and also the Sanctus with Benedictus from the Communion Service, Series 3, to be sung by our congregation during worship. To help in the flow of the service (not searching in a book for music) we normally print the service music in the bulletin (always with permission). Is it possible to buy copies of just these pieces – I would be willing to buy enough copies so we don’t have to reprint, but am looking for them outside of a bound copy of the entire Communion Service. Or if I could get a .pdf of just those, would be willing to pay for the equivalent of purchasing 50 copies. I’m trying to be copyright compliant, and love this version of the Glory and Sanctus.

  142. jeni

    Hi there. I have great memories of singing “for the beauty of the earth” in choirs when i was young and wanted to use it as a hymn for my wedding. Having had a look through the net I believe the choral arrangement too complex for a congregation. Am i right in thinking I will have to choose something else?
    Thank you

  143. Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the good job!

  144. Joy Wade-West

    Hello John
    I am coming to your workshop in Winchester on July 13th. Any chance that we could sing your Magnificat? This is a very,very special piece of your music for me.
    Best regards

  145. Sinead

    I’m a part of a music class in school and we sing many John Rutter pieces, like “The Lord Bless you and Keep you” “Christmas lullaby” and “This is the day” but unfortunately a number of us are graduating this year. Our music teacher is a HUGE fan of John Rutter and a huge inspiration to us also. We were wondering if John could record a video of him thanking our music teacher for her hard work and dedication for the class all these years, just a few words on behalf of our class. She is a great fan of yours and so are we. This would certainly make her year. Please email me soon as I would like to give details but in private. Thank you.

  146. Stephan Antonie Kruis

    Whilst living in London during the late 70’s I was a friend of Peter Rostal… It would be wonderful to make contact with him again after all these years to reminisce about how things were back then and swap views on how things are so very different today. If you can help in any way to enable me to reestablish contact with Peter I would be eternally grateful. Best regards, Stephan Antonie Kruis (aka Duncan Rutherford)

  147. Gabe

    Please advise::
    We would like to print the title of the music and composer, For the Beauty of the Earth, by John Rutter in a memorial service hand–out.
    (no lyrics or music included). One-time use only for those in attendance. The musicians have already purchased the music. Do I need permission to acknowlwdge the title of the music and composer in the hand-out. What copyright rules to follow?

    • John

      Hi –
      Thanks for your post. It is fine for you to print the title and composer in the memorial service hand-out.
      Best wishes, Emma Harrison

  148. Dear Mr. Rutter,
    I have long been a fan of your fabulous original music and arrangements. My fifth novel is going to be released and to add to the publicity on my website, I am creating a 3-1/2 minute video clip with photos, video, and voice-overs. I would love to set this against a background of your orchestration of “O Waly, Waly” as recorded on your more recent CD called A Distant Land. Would you be so kind as to either grant me permission to use it gratis, or let me know what the fee would be? If you prefer not to either grant or sell the rights to the song, I understand, but it is actually a tune that features throughout the novel set during the American Revolution. The book is called My Name Is Resolute, published by St. Martin’s Press – a Division of Macmillan Company. Thank you so much for your kind consideration. I remain a fan—- Nancy E. Turner

    • John

      Dear Ms Turner,
      Thank you for your message. The track you mention – O Waly, Waly – on the CD “Distant Land” is a Universal Classical and Jazz Recording. You would need to contact them about getting permission to use the audio recording. Licensing and sales defray the costs of recording the project; it will almost certainly incur a fee for this type of synchronisation.

  149. Ann

    Hi John

    I’ve enjoyed singing many of your pieces over the years and was delighted to sing on an OUP Christmas music CD you produced a few years back. I was wondering whether your ‘The Lord Bless You and Keep You’ has been arranged for solo voice and organ/piano. My grandmother has requested that I sing it at my grandfather’s funeral and rather than attempting fancy footwork with the choral score it would be great to know if there is a solo version available.

    Many thanks


    • John

      Dear Ann,
      The Lord bless you and keep you is available in Oxford Solo Songs: Sacred – which can be purchased directly from OUP.

  150. A very cheeky request! Urmston Choral Society in Manchester (of which I am the Hon Sec) recently performed “A Diminished Mass” by Alan A. Craig, which was very successful and well-received. The 1st half of the programme consisted of anthems by yourself and Bob Chilcott. A choir member got Chilcott’s autograph on a concert programme, and we are confident that Alan Craig would provide the same, as we are in personal contact with him. Is there any chance that you would consider adding your signature to the same programme, please? If so, please email me with a contact address to which I can send the programme. (I would keep it confidential). Thank you.

    • John

      Dear Kathleen,
      You can send it to PO BOX 664, Huntingdon, PE29 9HX. Include a note with what you would like, and a Stamped addressed envelope for return.

      • Thank you very much. The programme is on its way. Kath

  151. Cathy

    Dear Mr. Rutter, I am a flutist in San Diego and a few years ago I played under your conducting, it was amazing. Thank you for that wonderful experience. In the near future, I am going to perform Suite Antique for a concert series In Temecula. I would love to be able to talk about the composition, giving the audience some “inside” info straight from the composer! What inspired you to write the piece, or any information you would be willing to give that is unique to this piece when you composed it. thank you so much!

  152. Marta

    Hello, I was just wondering if there was any sheet music of Suite Antique for free.

    • John

      There is no free sheet music of John’s work. It is how he makes his living.

  153. David Witsch

    Dear Mr. Rutter,

    I’m a student at the college of music in cologne, who took the orchestral version of your wonderful “Star Carol” and transcribed it into a version for concert band. The choir parts are fully included in the orchestral setting, so that the arrangement can be played with or without singers. When I finished my work last month, I couldn’t belive, how great that “Star Carol” just with my Finale 2013 sounds sounded. It would be a pity if the score stays just in my drawer.
    My question is: Is there any chance to send you the score and, if you like it, to publish that version? I think your work would be a great enrichment for concert band literature.

    Best wishes from Germany
    David Witsch

    • John

      Dear David,
      Thank you for your email. This is a question for OUP, John’s publisher – as you would need to publish it under license. There are a number of licensees already publishing arrangements of John’s pieces for concert band. You should contact Khol Dieu at OUP who is responsible for granting permission on behalf of the publisher. Her email is:
      PA to John Rutter

  154. Gabriele Villa

    Dear john,
    My name is Gabriele (I’m from Italy). I direct a little catholic choir. I always appreciated your music and arrangements but i just heard “Joy to the World! (John Rutter and the Cambridge Singers)” and I loved it immedialtely. it’s amazing mainly on the third strophe.
    I would like to propose this arragement in the next our Christmas Concert. Can you help me to figure out where can I buy this version?
    Thank you so much for everything you do for music.
    I apologize for my english !
    Best regards.

  155. Sharon McLennan

    How do we go about getting permission to record a CD that will include Suite Antique by John Rutter?

    • John

      Dear Sharon,
      You do not need permission to record the Suite Antique, but you will need a license from the MCPS to include it.

  156. Ryozo Kurosaki

    Dear Mr. Rutter

    I am a member of the SATB chorus, chorus group of 45 persons at Ushiku city, the small town in Japan. We are small chorus group, but we have a passion very much.
    We decided to hold a concert in July. And we will perform the hymn that you composed: We want to play ”The Music s Always There with You” and “Psalm 23″(The LORD is My Shepherd) . 

    We have two requests to you.
    1. I want to have permission of translation of your words to Japanese. Because I want to put the Japanese translation of the text on a program,
    2. I noticed that the text of Psalm 23 is different from King James Version. Could you tell me where is original place of your poem ?

    I am very glad that I can sing your beautiful song.

  157. Todd Berry

    I sing with the Bach Society of Dayton, a choral music group in Dayton, Ohio, USA. We sing everything from Bach to contemporary composers. We are preparing a series of banners to be displayed at our concerts. One banner is designed to depict a number of choral composers, early music through contemporary, arranged around an image of Bach. We would like permission to include your image as part of the banner. How should I go about getting the proper permission? And thank you for your beautiful music.

  158. Fran Daly

    I would like to obtain permission to do a one off performance of a version of ‘Put On The Amour Of The Lord’ by John Rutter. It will be performed in support of a Preston Guild Lent Series event as a part of a Worship section. Could you please give advise how to obtain permission?
    Thank You

    Fran Daly

    • John

      You need to contact Khol Dieu at OUP – 01865 355077.

  159. Brett Calo

    Dear Mr. Rutter,

    My name is Brett Calo and I am a junior in NYU Tisch’s film and television program. My mother passed away a week and a half ago after a long battle with breast cancer. I am making a film in her memory this semester while studying abroad in Prague. Psalm 23 was read at her funeral and I have always been a fan of your composition “Requiem 6: The Lord is My Shepherd,” which uses these lyrics. I was wondering how I should go about getting permission to arrange an a cappella version of this song for my student film. I noticed that you mentioned the name Khol Dieu to other people asking permission, but I wanted to make sure that this person also takes care of film-related inquiries. Thanks for your time and congratulations on your many years of amazing work.

    All the best,

    Brett Calo

  160. I would like to arrange the first movement (Prelude) of Suite Antique for Solo Flute and Concert Band.

    Please can you tell me if this is possible and who I need to contact to obtain permission. Or, if it is already available in this format which we can purchase?

    Many thanks

    David Smart LLCM
    Director of Music
    Farnborough Concert Band
    The Royal British Legion

    • John

      Dear Mr Smart,
      You need to contact Khol Dieu at OUP who is responsible for granting permission on behalf of the publisher. Her email is:

    • Margaret van den Driessche

      Dear John,

      We plan to perform Suite Antique in April with our quartet, plus flute and keyboard. Can you say if you have any objection to our playing this in a different order, and/or missing out item 6, which is proving tricky!

      Best wishes,

  161. Lori Rockliffe

    Dear John
    At the risk of sounding like a hopeless groupie! I just want to say that your music is so, so gorgeous, especially the Christmas music, although everything that you do is ok by me – it makes me smile and also brings tears to my eyes – happy ones of course!

    Thank you so very much from a very very big fan x

  162. After hearing my granddaughter singing in a school choir I was inspired to write the lyrics for a Christmas Carol for children. I have completed the task and am seriously looking for a composer/arranger to write the music for Christmas 2013.
    Do you think John would be interested ?

  163. francesco di bartolomeo

    Maestro Buongiorno!
    We are interested to propose with Orchestra Sinfonica Verdi Milano a Concert with Beatles Music.
    Would like to propose your piano Concert (Beatles Concerto) but we need the arrangements for Orchestra as well as all the sheet music.
    Naturally we are preapared to rent them.
    We would be really grateful to recive your information.
    We find your music an excellent way to connect the human soul and a deep reflection on humanity.
    Franco Di Bartolomeo

    • John

      Dear Francesco,
      Regrettably, despite many years of people enquiring, the Beatles concerto for two pianos is not available. The original commissioners retain the rights to performance, and they do not wish others to do so.
      I’m very sorry, but we are powerless in this situation.

  164. Paul Clements

    I’m “stuck” here in Jomtien, Thailand teaching English, and have missed the celebrations in England that I’m so used to at Christmas time. However, listening to my personally signed cd of John Rutter’s “Music for Christmas” has really helped to make it feel like Christmas for me, here in 30 degree celsius temperatures! Wonderfully inspirational music, thanks so much John.

  165. I just heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing the New Year song. Where can I find the lyrics? It was beautiful

  166. Hello-
    I would like to know if it would be possible to arrange the piano part to Suite Antique for guitar? It is a favorite piece, and I would love to be able to perform it with my guitar partner.
    Thank you,
    Laura Schulkind

  167. Our choir performed Joy To the World with a 13 piece orchestra on Sunday and we would like to post the recording on our youtube site, so that more people can experience it. What must we do in order for that to happen?

  168. Monika Behr

    Lovely to see so many sharing in this wonderful choral music. Over the years both I and my daughter have performed many of these thoughtful and touching pieces in our choral experiences. Thank you for all you do to make music a blessing.
    One question though, why does no one perform the second verse of A Clare Benediction? I’ve been searching for a recording to practise with and have found nothing. All the performances are the first verse, or the first verse repeated.

  169. Richard Cullen

    Dear John,

    I was at the 3 pm Christmas Program at Albert Hall, visiting from Los Angeles. When you announced the quiz question where “Janice Joplin” was the answer, I knew the answer before you even had the question. I was determined to answer in a loud, clear voice as soon as you asked the question. And as soon as you did, I the first to say loudly, “JANICE JOPLIN” to which you answered “wrong’! I was astounded as was everyone else around me. And then, when someone from the back said, “Janice Joplin”, you said “CORRECT”! Not only did the first and second violinist look at me incredulously, but when I looked around, there were about 2,000 people with their jaws dropped, as I was the first to say, loudlly and clearnly, “JANICE JOPLIN”. You can even consult with the 1st and 2nd violinist as they were looking at me with a “Whatt ?????”. You can email me if you reconsider, but I should have won a CD, fairly and squarely. All the people around me could not believe what had transpired.


    Richard Cullen

  170. SUsannah Shucksmith

    Dear Mr Rutter,
    Could you please tell me where I can get hold of the sheet music for the harp arrangement you have done for the Gaelic Blessing? Many thanks.

    • Gretchen Cody

      Dear Mr. Rutter,
      Do you have available the harp arrangement for Gaelic Blessing, as played by Catrin Finch on your album “Blessings?” As well, are there any other harp arrangements from that album that I can purchase?
      Yours is an amazing collaboration, and I am so grateful to have first heard a selection on our Public Classical Music station in the SF Bay Area (KDFC-FM). I immediately downloaded “Blessings “on I Tunes and would love to play some selections on my harp.
      Of course, I also have all of your choral albums and our church choir has sung many selections from them, as well.
      Many thanks for all you have given to us.

      • John

        Hello Gretchen – I’m sorry, but the harp arrangement of Gaelic Blessing as heard on the Catrin Finch album – “Blessing” – is not published, with no plans to do so at present.
        Thanks for your interest in the music.
        Regards, Emma Harrison, PA to John Rutter

  171. Caroline Clarke

    Hi John
    Your music is so beautiful and my school choir has responded so well to your Christmas music that I would love to teach them more of your carols. However, even though I m. Pianist I find many of the pieces difficult to play. Can I reiterate what others have already asked and request that you release some backing tracks for use by choirs like mine?
    Here’s hoping.
    Best wishes.

  172. Simone Morel

    Thank you for this beautiful music. As a choir, we are working on the Magnificat and I have a question about “of a rose” :
    I have translated it for my friends into french but I have a problem about the words “ne know I none” in the sentence “a fairer rose to mine liking in all the world ne know I none”. I know it’s old English and I understand the meaning but not the grammatical construction. Is there a specialist of medieval English among your admirors ? Simone

  173. Hello,

    I would like to request permission to arrange What Sweeter Music for a different orchestration for a single performance. How must I proceed?

    Best Regards,
    Bernard Blary

  174. Mr. Rutter: In a recent computer wreck I lost a treasured recording: the Cambridge Singers performing a probably 16th-century 4-part Latin setting distinguised by Caroline Ashton’s descant. In the repeated chorus she leaps a 4th to somewhere near the top of her range. Please let me have the composer’s name (Italian, I recall) if you can figure out my description. Ms. Ashton, of course, distinguishes everything she sings. I know what I’m talking about. — Lee Stavenhagen, former member, Berkelely Chamber Singers.

    • Iain

      Allegri Miserere?

  175. George Anderton

    Dear John,
    Is there a male voice choral arrangement of “The Lord Bless You and Keep You” ?

  176. adam

    dear mr. rutter,
    are there any guitar chords i can utilize for ” look at the world”? my church would like our praise band to perform this on this upcoming sunday with the choir and i cannot find guitar chords anywhere? can you direct me?

  177. Matt Doiron

    I am trying to find sheet music to “Adeste Fideles” as recorded by the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble with organ and percussion. On the jacket of the CD it lists John Rutter as the arranger. Is this arrangement published and available for purchase or rental? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much.

  178. caroline miller

    We are a small children’s choir but would love to sing some of John Rutter’s beautiful music for our Christmas concert. Are there any 2-part carols suitable for singing by children from ages 7-11.

    Thank you

    • John

      Dear Caroline,
      You could try any of the following:
      The Colours of Christmas: OUP
      The Donkey Carol : OUP
      Angels’ Carol : OUP
      I hope that is of some use.


    Mr. Rutter:
    Will you ever be performing in the U.S.A – New York, Boston or Connecticut.
    I have your CD “Distant Land” and the Beatles Concerto for 2 pianos and orchestra with Rostal and Schaefer was beautiful. Have Rostal and Schaefer even been on a CD?

    • John

      Dear Cynthia,
      John regularly performs in New York. Keep an eye on the facebook page, or the appearances page on the website.

  180. John Campbell-Hynes

    Hi Matthew
    I wish to direct a rather personal and confidential letter to John Rutter but unfortunately there is no email facility provided on the this website. Is there anyway that I can direct a letter or email to him personally ? I would be very grateful if you could kindly assist me in this matter
    Kind regards
    John Campbell-Hynes

    • John

      Dear John,
      If you send an email to, we will be sure to pass it on to John. Alternatively, you can post it to Collegium Records, PO BOX 664, Huntingdon, PE29 9HX.

  181. Brian Newkirk

    Hello. I was wondering if there is a published concert band arrangement of What Sweeter Music? If any info is available, I would be very grateful.

  182. Angela Bostock

    Dear John Rutter,
    Please advise us on how to pay copyright fees for printing the words of “For the Beauty of the Earth” in the wedding service sheet we plan and what is the likely time scale for permission ?
    Many thanks.

    • John

      Dear Angela,
      It depends on your location, but if it is for a church service, then most churches have an appropriate license in place. The text is by F.S. Pierpoint, and you would need a copyright permission from whoever is the right holder of the text – he died in 1917, so it is probably out of copyright.

  183. Koen Vits

    Dear mister Rutter,

    I’m a choral conducting student from Belgium and I’m interested in performing your ‘Cradle Song’ at Christmas with one of my choirs. It is based on a Flemish traditional carol, but I can’t seem to find on which one? Could you maybe let me know the title of that Flemish carol? Thank you very much.

  184. Andy Vernie

    Dear John,

    Hope you are well…
    I would like to enquire how to go about obtaining permission from you to perform Angel’s Carol at our parish this coming Christmas, as our current copyright licences cover only some of your songs (and not Angel’s Carol).

    I look forward to your reply!

    Thank you!!

    Warmest regards,

    Andy from Perth, Western Australia

    • John

      Dear Andy,
      I’m not entirely sure what the position is in Australia with permissions and licenses. Ordinarily for church services a license is not necessary. For a public performance such as a concert, however, a license is required. You would need to obtain one from OUP if the latter applies. They have an online form:
      I hope this is useful – sorry not to be more definitive.

  185. Leonat Luma

    dear M. Rutter I am looking for the german version text of yours Now we thanks all our God, It was performed in german language for the venue of the Pope Benedict in Freiburg germany there are many videos in you tube Nun danket alle gott John Rutter, so can you please let me know where to find this particular version of your anthem with German text.

    thanks a lot for your assistance

    • John

      Dear Leonat,
      I think this was transcribed especially for the performance. The Hymn with the English text is available here: You could write the German text beneath, but it hasn’t been published in that format.

  186. Jim Squires

    Mr. Rutter – is there a concert band arrangement of “Distant Land,” or the possibility of one becoming available?

  187. bonnie gritton

    Dear Mr. Rutter,
    Do you have contact information for Peter Rostal or Paul Schaefer? Two faculty members at the University of Utah are interested in the Beatles Concerto. Thanks.

  188. Jiayin Wang

    Dear Mr.Rutter,
    I’m your biggest fan and purchase almost all cds of yours. One of your work – “the music is always there with you” is my favourite of all time, but pity that it is never included in any of your cd which is already published. Therefore would you consider conduct it and put it in one of your to-be-published cd? I’ll be most thrilling by the time. So much look forward to hearing from you!

  189. David Priboth

    I am having trouble finding a solo version of “A Gaelic Blessing”. Can you help me find this or a choral version that will accomodate a solo?

  190. Dear John Rutter
    Would you like to write a arrangement/composition of “Maria durch ein Dornwald ging” (Blest Mary wanders through the thorn) for SATB and Piano/Organ for our annual christmas concert 2012, perhaps in style of your beautiful “New Year” or “Ave Maria”? O corse I would pay this composition. We would be very happy for it, because we often sing your music in our services.
    Thanks for an answer.
    With best greetings,
    Andreas Gut, Master of choir

  191. Rômulo Tadeu Monteiro

    Dear Mr. Rutter,
    my name is Rômulo Tadeu Monteiro. I`m from Brazil and a member of Messianic church choir. We always perform wonderful songs here in Brazil and. We really want to sing one of your songs here in Brazil but we will need your authorization to sing it. Please let us know an e-mail or fax of yours, in order to send our official letter. Your musics are marvelous and wonderful! We would be very happy and blessed, if you some day you come in Brasilia/ Brazil , and you could come to visit our choir and we will prepare one of your songs to sing for you.

    Waiting your kind reply.

    Best wishes Rômulo

  192. Ford Fuller

    Mr. Rutter. Just wondering if you are planning any United States choral workshops open to all singers–a la the Berkshire Choral Festival where you guest conducted in 1997 and 2000–in the next few years? As a long-time tenor with the Pittsburgh Concert Chorale, I have sung many of your compositions and arrangements over the years, and it would surely be a highlight of my life to sing under your baton in a choral festival or workshop. I am seriously considering traveling to Scarborough for “John Rutter Singing Day” on 22 September, but a longer workshop in the US would certainly be more practical. I would appreciate knowing if there are any such opportunities on your upcoming schedule.

  193. Anita

    I would like to know what the ideas are behind Suite Antique. I am playing the work for my Flute Diploma and just LOVE it. Besides the factual information I will include on the programme notes, I really wanted to find out what the inspiration was, how the idea broke down into the 6 sections and how can I master the fast Jazz section which is just wonderful. Thanks

  194. Phil Bordeleau

    RE: John Rutter’s “My Soul Doth magnify the Lord”, (Not the extended work Magnificat), which is found in the Hinshaw Catalog in the USA…. can you tell me where I might purchase a recording of this piece? I cannot find any such thing on the internet. I am always directed to the Magnificat, multimovement choral orchestra work, rather than the Mag of his Mag and Nunc, dedicated to Stanford.

  195. Hi John/John’s assistant,
    I recently performed the UK schools premiere of John’s Suite lyrique for harp at the Sheldonian theatre Oxford, and I was wandering if, as there are currently no videos/recordings of it, it would be ok for me to upload it to youtube? I didn’t want to do it without asking as it would be the first recording of the piece on the internet.

  196. Mark Whitmire

    I am about to present your splendid Gloria. We are doing the version for organ, brass and percussion. Someone has said that there is a version that includes harp. Is this true? We are performing Chichester Psalms on the same program , so I will have a harp. If so, how can I get the harp part, and is it compatible with the version we are performing? Thanks.

  197. Kerry Davis


    Do you have any suggestions for setting a three manual Wicks organ to accompany a Gaelic Blessing? The guitar may or may not be incorporated.

    Thank you,

  198. Dear Mr. Rutter,
    my name is Gabriela Dassler. I`m from Germany and a member of our prostestant-lutheran church choir. We will perform together with an other church choir your “Magnificat”, in December 2012 in the small town Oelsnitz/Vogtland, located in the German state Saxonia. It is the first performance in East-Germany. By the way, we have the biggest organ with 4250 pipes, in our area. Your music is so incredible and wonderful! We would be very delighted, if you are some day in Germany, and you could come to visit our choir.
    We would like, that a lot of people will come to our concert and listen to your beautiful music. We want to make publicity, thats why we need a picture from you for our newspaper article. Please, could you send us a picture of you, or give us the permission to use a photo of you. We would be very grateful for an affirmative reply. We are looking forward to meet you in Oelsnitz, or maybe in England one day.
    Best wishes Gabriela

  199. David Gardner

    Dear John,

    I am a member of a barbershop choir and I believe that your “Gaelic Blessing” would sound absolutely beautiful in our 4 part male harmony. I love to listen to this music and I keep imagining us singing this piece just as we have learned to sing “You Raise Me Up”. Would you have a suitable musical arangements that we could adapt.

    Kindest regards


    • John

      The piece in it’s SATB arrangement might work transposed down a little. There are no specific arrangements by John for male barbershop.
      Sorry, Matthew (John’s assistant)

  200. John Mutch

    Dear John,

    On behalf of a lady friend, who is the Principal of a Liverpool Drama studio, I would like to ask you whether your recording of the Beatles Concerto on Distant Land features the piano duo Rostal and Shaefer? If not, are there any other CD versions of the Concerto on which they do perform. The Principal was very much taken with the performances of Rostal and Shaefer.

    Yours, John Mutch

    • John

      Dear John,
      The performance on Distant Land of the Beatles Concerto is indeed played by the duo Rostal and Shaefer; it is the only recording of the work.
      Matthew, John’s assistant

  201. Tony

    Dear Sirs, I have been trying desperately, for some time, to obtain a copy of All things bright and beautiful with guitar chords noted. I have only been taught to play organ using left hand guitar chords but this is such a lovely piece, and I would dearly love to be able to play it, especially at our church.

    Many thanks for any help or guidance you can offer me.

    • John

      Dear Tony. I don’t believe that the score published by OUP has guitar chords notated – and that is the only published edition of the piece. If there are scores for guitar then we are not aware of them.
      Sorry, Matthew

      • Tony

        Hi Matthew, it took a bit of time, but I have managed to work out most of it, thanks for your reply anyway. Tony

  202. christie

    My mother would like the Beatles Concerto. I can not find a cd with all three movements. Can you help?

  203. susan durston

    Dear John
    As a child I grew up next door to someone you went to college with. Margaret Howe-Homerton College (I don’t know her maiden name.) -a musical friend -she palys the piano and I think sings.
    Since then I have also sung my heart out wwherever I have worked -Africa, Asia , Europe and now US at the UN. Your carols and Magnificat stun me and I have sung many. I was hoping to see you in NY this year and am trying to find out where you are conducting…

  204. Cliff Beck

    Dear Mr. Rutter,

    This past week I heard for the first time your recording of Handel’s Messiah. I was moved to tears. As familiar as the music is, it had a life I could never have imagined. The Hallelujah Chorus was not a warhorse, it was a sublime, spiritual awakening. I have never heard anything quite like it. By the time Worthy Is the Lamb and The Amens were done I was simply overcome. So I want to thank you for your skill in interpreting Handel’s music. Handel must be delighted. I suspect he never heard such a fine interpretation done so well. By the way I sang under your direction in 1997 at the Berkshire school in Massachusetts. It was a great week. But the Handel……..

    Cliff Beck

  205. Hello

    The choir in our small country town cathedral sang the incredibly beautiful “Look at the World” at a choral evensong recently. I videoed it and put it on Youtube but I’m now wondering if it was illegal to do so. Can you advise please? We are making absolutely no monetary gain from the video – nor will we!

    Thank you

    William Holmes

  206. Valerie Hefford

    Hello John. Our choir Balsham Singers are performing the Requiem on Sat 19th May at 7.30 in Holy Trinity Church Balsham. We persuaded our Musical Director to do it as he wasn’t a fan previously but now he loves it describing part of it as “Cleo Lane does smoky jazz club”. As it’s local to you we would love it if you could come.

  207. tom

    Dear Mr Rutter,
    Please could you advise (by way of e-mail) how an organisation otains your services for a Come and Sing.
    Many thanks tom.

    • John

      Dear Tom,
      If you send an email to, we’ll forward it on to him.

  208. Roberta Appell

    I just wanted to say thanks for all the beautiful music. I listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir each Sunday and many of their songs were written by John Rutter. Th spiritual quality of the songs is great. Mr. Rutter is truly using his marvelous gift

  209. Helen Davis

    Hi John, I have loved singing your music for many years both at school choir during my teenage years and at my church choir. I am now Head of Music at a small secondary school and we now find ourselves without a pianist so it’s rather a headache to try and perform your works. I wondered if you had any backing track CDs available? The orchestral accompaniments heard on many of the recordings are especially beautiful. As we are only a small choir (SSA) are there any backing tracks for different arrangements of the works?


    • John

      Dear Helen,
      Thanks for your message. We don’t sell any backing track CD of John’s work, and unfortunately I’ve never seen any. Some of the arrangements might work unaccompanied.
      Sorry not to be able help more.

      • Liz Dawes

        I was also hoping that you might have backing tracks for groups with no musicians or for venues that don’t have a piano etc. Is it something that could be considered? The accompaniments are so beautiful it seems a shame not to be able to use them.
        Liz Dawes

        • John

          Dear Liz,
          Unfortunately, the way that the CDs are recorded means that it isn’t possible to release the accompaniment without the choir. We will consider this for the next release.

  210. Kelly Prestwich

    Dear John Rutter,
    I am writing to convey my gratitude and admiration for your generous contributions to the world of music. Your work is creative and uplifting. I believe your listeners, and surely your Cambridge Singers, are better people by exposure to your sacred music.
    During my college years at Brigham Young University, in Provo, Utah, USA, I sang in various choirs, including the Men’s Chorus led by Mack Wilberg. We sang a few of your compositions. Your recordings have been a staple in my family’s home for twenty years.
    Anyone who writes with the adoration of Christ, as you do, must be familiar with, and close to His Spirit. May you continue the good work of bettering this world, and be blessed in your efforts, is my hope.

    Kelly Prestwich

  211. Louise Meyers

    Does John Rutter have a choral piece, How Shall I Keep from Singing? We’re trying to track it down, with no success.

  212. Dear John, Our ladies’ choir would dearly love to sing What Sweeter Music. Have you by any chance arranged it for upper voices? Or would you consider arranging it for SSA or SSAA?
    Many thanks and Happy New Year, Vivien

  213. Hans Peter Murbach

    Dear Mr. Rutter

    We are a group of people singing together in a choir in Switzerland and are presently rehearsing your wonderfull Magnificat. We willl be in Cambridge from May 17 to 21and would very much appreciate, if we could have the chance to get in personal contact with you. Could thois be possible?
    Kind regards
    Hans Peter Murbach

  214. Alex

    Our High School Chamber Orchestra is playing Mr. Rutter’s Suite for Strings, and we were wondering if he could ever come listen to us. I e-mailed the e-mail you have posted, and I was just curious if this would be at all possible (it would be so cool!).

  215. Bruce Campbell

    Mr. Rutter, I was the tenor (Bruce Campbell) that sang in Princeton (Westminster) with you and sang the B minor Mass. I was in the chorus and had a wonderful time. My wife and I are traveling to England on August 1-5 and will be in Norfolk which is close to Cambridge. I conduct a college choir in NY State and would love to visit with you. We both have younger children even though we are both in our 60’s. We have much in common and had such a great time visiting with you in Princeton. Will you be in that area in August?

  216. Jackie Moe

    Hi Mr. Rutter!
    I am a graduate conducting student at Florida State University studying with Dr. Andre Thomas. I am studying your Gloria. I love it! Everything about it is so exciting! I will be writing my final paper on it. Any inside information you can give me about your influences, motivation, inspiration etc would be highly appreciated! I am so excited to hear your thoughts and to be conversing with a world-renowned composer! Thanks!

  217. Paul Bodley

    I am trying to find contact details for John Rutter regarding a possible commission. Any help would be gratefully received.

    • John

      Dear Paul. Please send any email enquiries to, and we will pass them on to John. Thanks, Matthew

  218. Dan Russell

    Your setting of the Te Deum ends with a hymn-like setting of “Vouchsafe, O Lord” with a very comfortable range and an indelible melody and text which is repeated. Is it permissible, when performing this work, to ask the congregation to stand and sing with the choir and orchestra at that point? (I’m also curious to know if that was ever considered as an option when it was composed. It seems likely.)

  219. Barbara Nunn

    Just wanted to say a thank you to John Rutter! Yesterday I attended a wonderful Singing Day at Derby Cathedral : he was directing with his usual enthusiasm and brilliance . I have been to several similar days over the years and he just gets better!

  220. Gary White

    Mr. Rutter,
    Is the sheet music for your Beatles Concerto available? My wife (in Florida) and her best friend (in North Carolina) would like to work-up and play the two piano concerto. Both ladies, while in their 60’s are quite capable of the work, and they have ties to local college orchestra’s that could provide the accompaniment. Thank you. Gary White – St. Pete, Fl

    • John

      Dear Mr White. Unfortunately it’s not available in print – the right to perform the work lies with the original performers, and not John. Sorry!

  221. David Houghton

    Our community choir love to sing John’s Candlelight Carol but regret that it really only has relevance for our Christmas performances.
    I have been asked to produce a set of lyrics that would give the piece a wider usage, using the mother-baby theme but without reference to the Christmas story,
    We love to sing it in rehearsals but wonder whether John might be able to view the lyrics and give his permission to use them. I must stress that we have already purchased individual copies of the original to cover copyright laws.
    Is there some way that we could get the lyrics to him?

    • John

      David. You can send scans of the score to John at, or paper parts by post to Collegium Records, PO BOX 172, Whittlesford, Cambridge, CB22 4QZ.
      Many thanks,

  222. k s so

    Our church choir has sung “For the Beauty of the Earth” and loved it. We have already purchased enough copies of the sheet music from OUP. This year marks our church’s 20th anniversary and to celebrate the occasion, we have written Chinese lyrics on the melody. Do we need copyright permission to give out prints of the Chinese song with the numbered musical notation of the melody?

  223. Deceuninck Fientje

    Halle, 16th august 2011.
    Dear Mister Rutter,

    October 22th, my choral sings for the youth of six communities of Halle, Belgium. A Confirmation Celebration where youth of twelve years old will say yes to God with the help of the Holy Spirit.
    Halle is a place of pilgrimage in honor of Maria.
    During the reflection after Communion I want to sing with my choral a hymn for our Lady.
    Something new and fresh.
    I followed course direction, the teacher told us to study your music works, so I found your song ‘Christmas Lullaby’. The chorus sounds so soft and beautiful,
    I thought, if I use dutch words onder the notes of the chorus I have a sweet hymn to sing in the church.
    This might tempt the young people in my choir. The members of my choir are seven tot seventythree years old. We are fourty, when everyone is present.
    We are singing an Eucharistic Celebration, it is certainly not the intention to use the song commercially.
    With your permission, I’d love to use this song.
    I will be pleased to sing your ‘Christmas Lullaby’ on Christmas Eve, so I’d like to order twenty sheet music and fourty print licenses, because not everyone of my choir can read music notes. Is it possible?
    May I give you the translation of the text in dutch that I’ve written under your music notes of the chorus.
    Ave Maria, Ave Maria, wij willen even met jou samen zijn
    we want to be with you for a moment
    Ave Maria, Ave Maria, voed ons met tederheid, Moeder van God
    feed us with tenderness, Mother of God
    Ave Maria, jouw warme glimlach verwarmt steeds ons hart
    your sweet smile always warms our heart
    Ave Maria, Ave Maria, ons Lieve Vrouwke en moeder van God.
    our sweet Lady and mother of God
    Noe noe…
    Ave Maria, Ave Maria, laat ons nog even heel dicht bij jou zijn.
    let us be for a moment very close to you.

    Deep in my heart I hope you will give me your permission to sing this short track.

    Yours faithfully,

    Fientje Deceuninck

  224. Maureen Morris

    I am now approaching 70 years of age and I feel I would like to thank John Rutter for the pleasure he has given me through the years with his glorious music and unique arrangements of familiar hymns and carols.

    Well done – you have left a legacy.

  225. Barrie

    Dear Sir
    Do you have a simpler version of ‘A Gaelic Blessing’ please.
    I am an amateur organist and this is required for a wedding soon- it will be sung by a four part choir. I’m finding it extremely hard to play.
    Thank you.

  226. Betsy Wyffels

    Dear John

    Have you published This is the Day Which the Lord Hath Made? Our choir director and I both thought it was beautiful. I have tried to make inquiries from several music stores, but no one seems to be able to help me. I thought perhaps you hadn’t released it yet. If you have, I would appreciate knowing how we can purchase it.

    Thank you
    Betsy Wyffels

    • johnharte

      Dear Betsy,
      John plans to release the anthem ‘This is the Day’ in print in the autumn. News of release will be posted here, and on the Oxford University Press Website. Keep checking back.

  227. Dear Mr. Rutter,
    I am a harpist and currently working on your Antique Suite for flute and piano. In working out my pedals to adapt the piano part to the harp, I came across a small obstacle. When I took the question to my mentor, she suggested I contact you for clarification. I am curious about a dissonance at the very end of the Rondeau. In measure 126 and again in measure 128 there may have been a courtesy accidental left out on beat 4 in the left hand. Did you really intend to keep the C Sharp from beat one against the C natural in the melody? In previous statements of this theme you used a moving line in the left hand which would indicate that the C sharp on beat one would move to a C natural when stated on beat four.
    Please advise :->
    Thank you
    Best Wishes
    Michelle Gwynne

    • johnharte

      Dear Michelle,
      Thank you for you message. Bars 126 & 128 are the same musical cell; both chords in the left hand should have a C sharp. The right hand has a C natural, as marked by the cautionary accidental.
      Hope you enjoy playing the piece.

  228. Tricia osborne

    Please can you tell me when the score for the psalm that was written for the royal wedding.

    I am hoping to use this for an essay as an exam equivalent for my open university course. If it isnt going to be able to be available for sometime i may have to rethink.


  229. KL

    I’m trying to contact Mr. Rutter or his management about future engagements but cannot find contact information anywhere! Any guidance would be helpful! Thank you.

    • johnharte

      Hello KL,
      You can contact John via Collegium Records by email –

  230. Dear Mr. Rutter,
    Our 100+ voice Trinity United Methodist Chancel Choir performed your “Requiem” in worship and at an afternoon community concert under the direction of Judith Mitchell in Denver on April 10, 2011. We wanted to inform you that one of our choir members created a painting to depict each of the 7 movements, and we had each painting unveiled as we began singing the corresponding movement. It was a moving way to present your music in both an aural and visual way to our listeners. Thank you for your beautiful, soulful and accessible music.

  231. Eric Smith

    I am trying to find more about Edward T Chapman to whom John Rutter dedicated “The Lord bless you and keep you” in memoriam. Any information would be appreciated.

  232. I had never listened to any of john rutter’s music before the royal wedding today. However, I was blown away by the beauty, majesty, love, joy, strength and compassion conveyed by his piece written specially for William and Kate.
    I am not a Christian, although spiritual and I believe we must all do our best on this earth and be true to ourselves. This music touched me in a way I did not expect and both my husband and myself found ourselves crying.
    This piece seemed to sum up humanity, love (with the inherent sadness and knowledge it will end in this life at some point).
    I will now be searching for his other compositions to listen and download. What an amazing man. If I were him I would be so proud and happy. Being creative, in whatever form, is what life is about to me.
    There is too much destruction because it is so much easier than creativity. Both make one feel powerful but creativity is what counts, is why humanity has excelled and still exists today with such a wealth of knowledge.
    I salute you, John Rutter. I have no doubt you have touched billions of people’s souls today. This is an amazing achievement and I just wanted to express my gratitude for giving me so much pleasure and inspiration.
    Thank you so much.

    Trudie Wingfield x

  233. We are a community chorus in New York State, USA that will be performing July 4th weekend at the National Cathedral in Washington and the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center. We are wondering if John Rutter might consider coming to our city in the future to do an “All John Rutter” concert with orchestra? I would like to chat with someone who could give me information about this.
    Thank you!!!! We love John Rutter’s music!

  234. Theresa

    Is the “Beatles Concerto” for 2 pianos and orchestra currently published? Oxford Univ. Press has no record of it, and I can’t find it listed except in recordings. I would like to find a score. Thanks!

    • johnharte

      Hi Theresa. Unfortunately the Beatles Concerto is not available – it was never published. The work was a commission and the performance rights remain with the performers who commissioned it. Sorry.

      • Dave

        Is there a chance that the concerto will ever be published? I mean, I can’t imagine the commissioners will hold the rights forever.

        • John

          Dear Dave,
          As you can imagine, any piece containing music by another composer presents significant licensing issues. The issues are magnified when the Beatles music is involved. Further to this, the commissioners also retain the rights to the work. One day it might be published, but at present it is unlikely.
          Sorry not to be able to help further,
          John’s assistant

  235. Birgit

    Dear Mr. Rutter,

    I translated the text of “A Clare Benediction” into German. Could you please tell me, what the meaning of “Clare” is? I couldn´t find it anywhere in the dictionary.

    Thanks a lot and best regards
    Birgit from Munich

    • johnharte

      “Clare” refers to the College in Cambridge where John was a student, and later Director of Music (1975 to 1979), and therefore does not require translation.

  236. Dear John Rutter,
    I am composing my own piano music, and it would be great in the future to send you a CD. I have listened to your music compositions and they’re brilliant.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  237. carolyn sage

    Hi John, Please can you tell me if I can obtain a 3 pt SSA arrangement of ‘What Sweeter Music’ I heard the Chorboys do it and the harmonies are terrific with the beautiful tune. Thankyou in anticipation iof your reply. Thank you too for your beautiful music lots of which I have used over the years with various choirs. You are an inspiration and a practical musician who understands amateur choirs and gets the best from them!

    • carolyn sage

      Please, is there an SSA version (sheet music) available for ‘What sweeter music’? I heard the Chjoirboys do it and wondered if the arrangement was commercially available ?

      Thank you

      • John

        Hello Carolyn. Thank you for yor message. John wrote that arrangement for the Choirboys specifically for that recording, and it wasn’t published. At present there are no plans to do so. Yours, Matthew

  238. johnharte

    Hi Anne –
    Yes, sorry, “The Three Ravens” is arranged by Edward T Chapman.

  239. Gary Hinkle

    The Website is “Amazing”.
    John Rutter to me, Is the best Composer of our time.
    And writes the most “Beautiful Arrangements”in the world..

    • Brian D. Bailey (The Retired Singing Postie!!)

      I totally agree with you Mr. Gary Hinkle. Brian.

  240. Johnny

    It looks great! Congratulations, John.

  241. so glad to see the website and hear this glorious singing. The Cape Fear Chorale, Wilmington, NC, USA, will be presenting A John Rutter Festival of Carols in Wilmington, NC, Grace UMC, 401 Grace St., Nov. 21, 4 p.m. All are invited.

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